How to write a research synthesis report (or how I conquered my batteries mountain!)

The words on the screen are drifting in and out of focus... lithium-ion and sodium-ion, redox flow and redox couples… ...
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Making an award winning podcast: podcasts can be a great way to do science communication and have a lot of fun!

You hear a lot of advice from people when you are thinking of setting up a podcast. People have all ...
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Using creative tools to invite communities into public health decision-making

Photo credit: Ellie Shipman Ellie Shipman The Shape Our City research project and consultation offers a new way to engage ...
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Location anywhere: New postgraduate programme launched by the Science Communication Unit

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s over 15 years since we launched our first postgraduate programme in Science Communication ...
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“Britain is wet, droughts don’t happen here…” debunking myths on drought and water scarcity

The early part of the summer of 2018 saw the UK facing a heatwave and a lack of rain affecting ...
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2018 Max Perutz Science Writing Competition – winner announced!

The winner of the Medical Research Council’s (MRC) 2018 Max Perutz Science Writing Competition has been announced. The competition, now ...
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Shape our City, one street at a time

A new UWE project is working with artists and community organisations to creatively engage the public on issues around healthy ...
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Guest Blog – Creating stories with porpoise: top tips for getting the most out of your journalism

When it comes to food, music and fashion, the interesting stuff often emerges at the interfaces between styles and cultures ...
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Engineering Our Future – Event videos!

If you were an engineer, what would you do? 2712 children from across the South West answered this question with ...
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Shape our City creative consultation is launched!

Living in cities impacts on our health and the health of the planet. If you were able to develop your ...
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SCU at the Festival of Nature: a celebration shared by staff & students

May and June saw staff and students from the Science Communication Unit prepare for the Bristol and Bath Festival of ...
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SCU to evaluate Royal Institution Christmas lectures

The Christmas Lectures are an internationally known landmark of the Science Communication landscape, and we refer to it in our ...
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Women Like Me

Engineering our Future (this article first appeared on the Engineering our Future blog at UWE) Only 11% of engineers in the ...
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South West Engineering Leaders Awards Exhibition and Public Event

Saturday 30th June 2018, 10am – 4pm UWE Bristol Exhibition and Conference Centre, North Entrance, Filton Road, Stoke Gifford, Bristol, BS34 ...
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SCU’s Laura Fogg-Rogers scoops award for science teaching project

The Children as Engineers project led by Laura Fogg-Rogers from the Science Communication Unit at UWE Bristol has won a ...
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Sci Comm Through the Lens – a science tour in Hong Kong

By Tay Aziz and Sophie Pavelle This time last year during our MSc Science Communication at UWE Bristol, we were ...
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Bored cartoon man

May the Force be with you: Channelling boredom effectively

If you are, or have around you, a fan of Star Wars, you will have heard about the controversy over ...
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How do local residents across England and Wales value Mining Heritage? Experimenting with the Q Method.

Margarida Sardo and Danielle Sinnett Dr Danielle Sinnett (Architecture and the Built Environment) and Dr Margarida Sardo (Science Communication Unit) ...
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Renewable energy? We’re big fans!

The Science Communication Unit supported three successful bids to the British Council to participate in their Science in Schools initiative. Alongside ...
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What the Postgraduate Certificate in Science Communication means to me

I am not a scientist. There, I said it. But I am a science communicator. A couple of decades ago, ...
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Diver photographing shoal of fish

Under the Sea: My year as the European Rolex Scholar

Sometimes I am amazed at how life just seems to fit seamlessly into place. You have to take a step ...
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Showtime! Fun Palaces – bringing science and the arts to the community

Standing behind the counter of Cheltenham Library one Saturday, a colleague beamed at me “Let’s do a Fun Palace”. I ...
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Ben Sykes

MSc projects: science communication research in the real world

Clare Wilkinson During our MSc Science Communication at UWE Bristol we focus a lot of effort on supporting students to ...
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Hannah Little

Welcoming Hannah Little, new lecturer in the Science Communication Unit

My name is Hannah Little. I’m a new lecturer at the Science Communication Unit. I will be teaching Science Communication ...
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conference theatre

The BIG Picture

In July, I travelled to the Centre for Life in Newcastle upon Tyne for the BIG Event – an annual ...
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Are women part of mankind?

The ‘leaky pipeline’ has been in the press again thanks to the now infamous Google staff memo  and the BBC2 ...
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multicolour cogs

Engineering in Society – new module for engineering citizenship

Undergraduate student engineers at UWE Bristol will get the chance to learn about engineering citizenship from September. The Science Communication ...
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Science Journalism Summer School 2017

Every two years, the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW) hosts its one-day Science Journalism Summer School. The 2017 event ...
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Cartoon man with binoculars

Be visible or vanish

After Cristina Rigutto’s informative seminar on post-publication digital engagement, we asked for her advice about blogging and how to increase ...
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Cartoon Twitter bird

Tweet or perish – practical tips on post-publication digital engagement

Last month, Cristina Rigutto (communications consultant and social media editor at Public Understanding of Science Journal) came to speak to us, as part ...
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image of books with caption never stop learning

Never say never again…

After my PhD viva in 2004, I promised myself I’d never again study for a qualification. Having gone straight from ...
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Pen, pad and screwed up paper

Steven Pinker’s brilliant book teaches some useful lessons in science writing

Writing is easy until you learn how to do it. I still remember my first weeks as a trainee journalist ...
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box with questions marks on

Thinking inside the Box(ED)

Watching scientists pitching their research projects felt like being in an episode of Dragons’ Den. I sat among a group ...
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laptop, notebook and pen

Science communication: people, projects, events 2017

Our Science Communication Masterclass has been running very successfully for quite a few years now and like my colleagues, I’ve had ...
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Martin Garrad with Luckwell primary school children

FET Award: STEM outreach at Luckwell Primary

This year, I have been lucky enough to receive a FET Award to promote STEM at a local primary school ...
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SynBio – in need of public engagement

In a recent book review for JCOM, I outlined a few of the ethical, social and legal issues that make ...
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ClairCity project logo

Communicating science across Europe

Since May 2016, the Science Communication Unit has been involved with a four year, Europe-wide research project ClairCity. Laura Fogg ...
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Photograph of nuts and bolts

Researching images on social media – nuts and bolts

Images and videos are pervasive online, these days, web articles include at least one image or video. On Twitter, Facebook ...
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Shall we talk about robots and public engagement? Ten years on.

2017 marks the ten-year anniversary since I started working on the Talking Robots project with my former SCU colleagues Karen ...
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Blank book with letter rising up from the pages

New and notable – further selected publications from the Science Communication Unit

Last week we posted details of our work on environmental policy publications as well as our research on outreach and ...
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Open book on desk

New and notable – selected publications from the Science Communication Unit

The last 6 months have been a busy time for the Unit, we are now fully in the swing of ...
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Innovating university outreach

Corra Boushel Through funding from the Higher Education Funding Council for England and internal backing, the Science Communication Unit has ...
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Postgraduate Science Communication students get stuck in on ‘Science in Public Spaces’

Emma Weitkamp & Erik Stengler September saw the lecturing staff at the Science Communication Unit welcoming our new MSc Science ...
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Open book

What IS storytelling? What IS NOT storytelling?

What IS storytelling? What IS NOT storytelling? These two questions opened the 9th conference on “Storytelling: Global Reflections on Narrative” ...
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Winding road

The long and winding road to science journalism

How do you get your first job in science communication? That’s not a straightforward question to answer – when it ...
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Baby gumming a watermelon slice

Baby-led, puree, Annabel Karmel and me? When science impacts on the choices we make in parenting

How we make choices as consumers, patients, parents and members of the public has, of course, long been of interest ...
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Erik Stengler, Hannah Conduit and Jeff Dawson, at the Saving the Mountain Chicken Frog stand, Bristol Festival of Nature

Tackling the challenge of engaging with drought and frogs

SCU was well represented at the Bristol Festival of Nature (BFON) in June, with Associate Professor Emma Weitkamp manning the ...
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Radio broadcast

MSc Broadcasting Science students in action!

As part of our MSc in Science Communication students have the option to choose a Broadcasting Science module (‘Science on ...
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Creative Research Communication book cover

Communicating research: do we need to be more creative?

Clare Wilkinson and Emma Weitkamp are Associate Professors based at the Science Communication Unit, University of the West of England, ...
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An Ethical Roboticist: the journey so far

What do robots have to do with ethics? And how do you end up with the job of "roboethicist"? Prof ...
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What happens to sci comms graduates?

Lots of people are interested to find out what our Masters in Science Communication and Postgraduate Certificate in Practical Science ...
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man sitting at computer

Science Writing Competition now open

It's been a busy few weeks in the office getting ready for the UWE Bristol SCU Science Writing Competition 2016 ...
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Smartphone screen showing apps

It’s 2016: Are we communicating effectively?

Corra Boushel is a project coordinator at the SCU. A recent experience with an organisation I won’t name left me ...
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Cartoon hands with collboration, unite and similar written on them

Engaging with strangers

 What happens when social scientists and natural scientists start to work together? Clare Wilkinson summarises her recent research. As a ...
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Behind the scenes at Bristol Museum

Text by Andy Ridgway, Senior Lecturer in Science Communication, images by Marta Palau Franco, euRathlon project manager. “Artists love this ...
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science fiction landscape with moon and spacecraft

Do science fiction films teach us about science?

Science fiction and fantasy films like Star Wars, The Hunger Games and Interstellar are hugely popular, with a reach for ...
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Masters and beyond with the SCU

Clare Wilkinson explains some of the programmes that UWE Bristol offers in Science Communication, and how coming back to school ...
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The story behind the cameras: filming robots

In 2013, just as I was finishing my Masters in Science Communication at UWE Bristol, I was asked to help ...
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cartoon chemist and test tubes

Science communicators need to get it: science isn’t fun.

I am writing on the flight that takes me to a conference in Warsaw, which will nicely draw to a ...
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Bristol suspension bridge and hot air balloons

Bristol Bright Night summary

On Friday 25th September 2015 Bristol was one of the many European cities celebrating research and researchers. The European Researchers’ Night ...
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Student opportunities at the Latitude Festival

One of the nice things we’re able to do from time to time is offer our Masters students work experience ...
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Robots v Animals logo with cartoon robot and monkey

What I learnt working with robots, children and animals

Put two robotics researchers in a small room with a bad tempered snake, 30 children and a zoologist. And make ...
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Knowledge is power?

Research shows that audiences at a health science festival prefer lectures. We all know the debates about deficit versus dialogue, ...
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Blog spelled out in Scrabble tiles

Welcome to the Science Communication Unit Blog

Hello new readers and welcome to the first post of the Science Communication Unit Blog. If you don’t know much ...
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