UWE Bristol alumni appointed Manager of the Magistrate’s Court

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Annette Williams-Sylvester has been appointed Manager of the Magistrate’s Court in the British Virgin Islands.

The appointment, which took effect on January 27, was made by Governor John Duncan, acting in accordance with advice from the Judicial and Legal Services Commission.

In her new post, Annette  will ensure the smooth operation of the Magistrate’s Court by planning, administering, and managing all activities to ensure the court always performs at a high standard.

The activities include the human resources function, budget administration, procurement, in-court duties, records management, as well as policy creation and implementation.

According to the Government Information Service, which announced the appointment today (February 21), Annette will also liaise with the judiciary, external organizations, groups, and individuals who interface with the court.

Annette graduated in 2015 with an LLB (Honours) in Commercial Law from UWE. She also holds a certificate in Basic Court Paralegal Studies from the Council of Legal Education, Hugh Wooding Law School, Trinidad.

Her legal work experience stems throughout several offices in the British Virgin Islands.

Prior to pursing her studies, Annette was employed to the Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands for a total of 22 years, with eight years in the post of Case Manager assigned to the Civil, Criminal and Commercial Divisions.

She also completed internships at Harney, Westwood and Riegels; the Attorney General’s Chambers; and the Magistrate’s Court.

Article taken from BVI News.

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