Interdisciplinary Research Thriving at UWE Bristol: Bridging the gap between History and Law

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In line with the key recommendations of the Stern Review (2016), Dr Mary Alice Young’s research is bridging the gap between previously distant disciplines at UWE. Mary works closely with Dr Mike Woodiwiss who teaches History at UWE Bristol.

Together, they have submitted Witten Evidence on the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy and are preparing a substantial bid for the AHRC – to incorporate colleagues from overseas universities.

Mary and Mike are also the Conveners and Chairs of the first interdisciplinary stream on ‘Transnational Organised Crime’ for the Socio-Legal Studies Association conference. Further pushing the boundaries of interdisciplinary research, in September 2016 Mary was appointed a Convener of the Think Tank on Organised Crime at the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, which includes experts from a wide range of traditional and non-academic disciplines.

In addition to this, Dr Mary Young has been granted observer status as a delegate from UWE to attend the 8th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention against Transnational Organised Crime, in Vienna, Austria, October 2016.

Dr Mary Young will be joining the Member States and other interested parties of the United Nations at the 8th Session of the COP to UNTOC. Attending the conference over a four day period, Dr Young will be able to contribute to the dialogue surrounding the implementation and progression of the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime.

In particular, Dr Young hopes to use her existing research into organized crime control policy and financial crime to inform the sessions on the conceptualisation of organized crime and the technical assistance required by Member States to implement the required frameworks.

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