UWE team wins National Rocketry Championship 2017-18!

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A team of students from UWE Bristol have been announced as the winners the 2017-2018 UKSEDS National Rocketry Championship.

The National Rocketry Championship is a competition for student groups from around the UK to compete and show off their rocketry skills, as well as providing those who have had little or no experience in the field of rocketry with a hands-on experience with designing, building and launching a rocket.

The UWE BARS (Balloon Assisted Rocket System) team of Jordan Cormack, Stephen Hartless, Oliver Haward, Tom Hodson and Jack Lewis, supervised by Dr Chris Toomer from the Department of Engineering, Design and Mathematics, wanted to explore the concept of a balloon assisted rocket using a high-altitude balloon to allow a rocket to launch above the troposphere.

As part of their Aerospace Engineering Masters project they designed, and successfully launched, a rocket comprising a 3D printed fin can with removable fins and custom boattail and 3D printed nose cone which housed their avionics.

Congratulations to Jordan, Stephen, Oliver, Tom and Jack!

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