UWE partner with Newicon to innovate Engineering teaching

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The news that UWE Engineering are embedding a design-thinking Innovation Kit into their 2020/21 engineering programmes, featured on the cover of Education Technology on Monday 4th May.

The unique training tool was developed by Bristol-based software company Newicon, and uses a more agile, cyclic approach to engineering innovation, in-line with leading industry design thinking.

The Innovation Kit focuses on exploring and defining real human-centred problems, rapidly moving through iterative solutions and visual prototypes to select the best solution, before getting into the details. This approach is thought to better align user needs with business objectives, whilst considering the practical implementation.

The kit will be at the centre of the new engineering module, Engineering Practice as part of an Integrated Learning Framework focussed around project-based learning. Module leaders Laura Fogg-Rogers and David Richardson are working with Newicon to tailor the kit to meet student needs, as well as training staff in how best to deliver the set of engaging workshops, exercises and tools.

“UWE Bristol are investing in a £multimillion purpose-built School of Engineering opening in Autumn 2020. Alongside this we have a revolutionary redesigned curriculum that nurtures creativity, innovation and collaboration through training on ‘live’ projects and problems.

Newicon’s approach to design thinking and innovation is the ideal partner for our new curriculum. They will equip our student engineers with practical tools and knowledge in order to succeed in their chosen engineering career.”

Lisa Brodie, Head of the School of Engineering at UWE Bristol.

There’ll be more exciting news concerning the new engineering curriculum being developed by Lisa and her team in the coming months – so stay tuned!

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