New Digital Trailblazers App Launched for West of England

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The University of the West of England’s Department of Engineering Design and Mathematics have today launched their new mobile app, Digital Trailblazers, as part of their work for the Digital Engineering Technology and Innovation (DETI) Skills programme.  

Digital Trailblazers highlights the West’s best engineering inventions of the past, present, and future, and showcases the organisations and people that create them. 

The West of England has a rich engineering heritage and is also home to businesses and organisations pioneering the latest in digital technologies. With the new Digital Trailblazers app, you can now explore famous engineering landmarks, businesses, and institutions via a series of trails throughout the West of England, digitally or on foot. 

The app features an interactive map of the West of England, with key engineering locations highlighted, each with its own information page, allowing users to quickly and easily explore what is on offer in their locality as well as discovering engineering landmarks from further afield. 

Several of the locations have been grouped into themed trails, allowing users to visit engineering attractions in person, using the mobile app to navigate through a series of locations by foot, bike or e-scooter.  

Trails include the Bristol Harbourside Trail, a 5km family-friendly walk around the floating harbour, and the Bristol Brunel Loop, a longer and more challenging trail that weaves through the city centre from Temple Meads station up to the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge. 

Designed to be a hub for all things engineering in the region, Digital Trailblazers links to other successful projects led by UWE Bristol’s EDM department, as part of the West of England Combined Authority’s DETI programme, including Curiosity ConnectionsDiversity Demonstrator, and Women Like Me, and hosts locally relevant educational resources, including the new school resource packs from UWE Bristol: The West in Minecraft, WeCount Schools and Engineering Curiosity

DETI is a strategic programme of the West of England Combined Authority, delivered by the National Composites Centre, in partnership with the Centre for Modelling & Simulation, Digital Catapult, the University of the West of England, the University of Bristol, and the University of Bath. 

These educational packs link curriculum learning to real-world projects and people in the West of England, engaging children with local engineering career opportunities. They have been developed by the DETI Inspire team at UWE Bristol with the aim of inspiring the next generation of digital engineers. 

The resources are designed to be delivered or supplemented with a visit from a local STEM Ambassador or engineering professional, and it is hoped that through positive role modelling experiences like these, that more children, particularly those from underrepresented groups within engineering, will choose to study and pursue a career in the field. 

The West of England is well known as a hive of historic engineering activity, from Brunel to Concorde.  This new app highlights the digital trailblazers around our region, continuing this tradition of ingenuity with green and digital innovation. We aim to showcase the West’s future for sustainable engineering, connecting up our innovators and inspiring engineering curiosity for young people.

Dr Laura Fogg-Rogers, Senior Lecturer and DETI Inspire lead, UWE Bristol

Digital Trailblazers has been developed by the DETI Inspire team at UWE Bristol’s Department of Engineering Design and Mathematics with funding from the Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation initiative (DETI). For more information, please visit or contact  

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