Hinkley C new drilling kit is named after SARAH GUPPY!

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Along with three tunnel boring machines named after inspirational women, new drilling kit which will be used at the new Hinkley C power station is to be named after Sarah Guppy – engineer, pioneer and subject of Show of Strength‘s recent stage show. Producer Sheila Hannon tells us more in this guest post:

‘Sarah Guppy’ will be used to dig sections of the water outlet structure for three 1,200 tonne boring machines that will construct the new power station’s 3.3 kilometers of tunnels to be built underneath the sea bed.

Sarah Guppy says, ‘I’m absolutely delighted and how very appropriate. The world’s first underwater tunnel was the Thames Tunnel, designed and built by my friends and fellow engineers Marc and Isambard Brunel. Their innovative ‘tunneling shield’ principle has been used for nearly 200 years. It’s taken rather longer for my contribution to engineering to be recognised, but I’m thrilled to be associated with a project that both connects the past to the future and acknowledges my family’s strong Somerset links.

My award-winning show SARAH GUPPY: THE BRIDGE, THE BED, THE TRUTH is available if you’d like to know more about my remarkable life and work.

Performer: Kim Hicks, photo Zuleika Henry.

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