Calling mothers in academia at UWE Bristol

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Are you a female academic professional with children, working at UWE Bristol? Second year Business and Human Resource Management students (supervised by Dr Vanda Papafilippou, chair of our Women Like Me partner the WISE Bristol Hub) are conducting research into the impact of motherhood on career progression as part of their assessment coursework for the Research Methods for Human Resource Management module.

Please see below for details of the project and how you can get involved:

The impacts of motherhood on the career progression of female academics in a post 1992 institution

The aim of the project is to gain an understanding of the impact of motherhood on the career progression of female academics. Your participation entails attending a one to one semi-structured interview with one of our research team. The interview questions will focus on: (i) your career history (background information); (ii) the impact of motherhood on your career progression (iii) The challenges that you have faced with regards to networking, high workloads, work-life balance and organisational culture. It is anticipated that the interview will last for approximately one hour and it will be conducted during working hours within the University of the West of England. If you are happy to take part in the interview, please could you email, within 2 weeks, so that we can arrange a convenient time and date to meet.  

With your permission, we would like to record the interview using a Dictaphone. Field notes will also be taken during the meeting. After the meeting the recordings and notes will be used to transcribe the data. Pseudonyms will be used anonymise data, all names, institutions and anything that can reveal your identity will be carefully removed and replaced with generic terms such as participant 1, University 1. All data will be stored on UWE password protected computers, files will also be password protected and only members of the research team will have access to it. A confidentiality header page will be used to inform tutors and markers of the confidential nature of the information. Recordings will  be deleted as soon as they have been transcribed and files will be deleted once the research has been marked and marks have been confirmed.  It is your right to withdraw from the study without having to state a reason, by e-mailing We do, however, ask that you notify us by 12th April 2019 as any information collected will be used towards a marked assessment. This will allow for your data to be removed prior to the assessment.

The project has been reviewed and has received ethics approval by our personal tutor Vanda Papafilippou at the University of the West of England. Your involvement in this project will be voluntary. If you have any questions, please email ourselves: or Dr Vanda Papafilippou (research supervisor: Email:; Telephone: 0117 32 87984) We look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes,

Lucy Downes, Grace Humpry, Victoria Campion, Jade Kelley, Sanna-Karoliina Rahko

2nd Year undergraduates- Business and Human Resource Management 

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