Digital Engineering Workshop: Aligning Skills Requirements

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Digital Engineering Workshops: Aligning Skills Requirements – 22nd to 29th of January

The DETI Innovate programme led by the Engineering, Design and Mathematics Department at UWE Bristol, are hosting a series of workshops to determine the skills and knowledge required in the engineering workforce that will enable Industry 4.0 technologies to be effectively deployed and used widely by UK manufacturing.

These workshops form part of the Department’s work as lead for the Skills and Workforce Development branch for the Digital Engineering Technology Innovation (DETI) initiative.

The insight gained from these workshops will support development of the technical education and training provision required to develop these skills and knowledge as a series of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

DETI Innovate are now looking for local participants with a good understanding of the product development lifecycle within an Engineering Manufacturing context. If you are interested in joining a workshop, or if you have some experts in the field, please select your preferred date from this doodle poll.

For more information about the DETI Innovate programme and associated workshops, please contact Pedro Lafargue, Research Fellow, UWE Bristol.

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