UWE student engineers consider challenges within society

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Last week, UWE Bristol’s first year Engineering students completed a second project week at Frenchay. They looked at engineering as a civic responsibility, applying their problem-solving skills to real world issues as Dr Tushar Dhavale (Programme Lead for Mechanical Engineering) tells us in this guest post.

All the first year student engineers went through an amazing experience of working through a second project week, which was organised in ECC from 18th-22nd March. The students worked in groups and put their heads together to address challenges within the society in Tamil Nadu, India.

Through this mechanism the participants went through a thorough research followed by engineering analysis and a presentation in the form of a poster.

There was a wide spectrum of speakers from industry, all of them ex-UWE who were quite keen to come back to UWE and speak to the future engineers.

For the students, this was a wholesome experience where they had an opportunity to apply knowledge they gathered here at UWE to real world problems and attain a sense of achievement.

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