UWE Bristol Academic Spotlight: Associate Professor, Dr Angelina Sanderson Bellamy

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Angelina Sanderson Bellamy

Dr Sanderson Bellamy is an Associate Professor of Food Systems at UWE Bristol. Her expertise encompasses food production systems, household food consumption, short supply chains, land use and land cover change, ecological resilience and ecosystem services.

She uses a systems approach and place-based methods for understanding society’s grand challenges especially as they relate to the food system.

Professor Sanderson Bellamy stated:

The food system comprises approximately 25% of CO2e emissions, meaning that, in order to meet zero emission targets, we have to address food systems. We also need these changes to also address the biodiversity crisis and increasing food insecurity.

This is why a systems approach is critical, and this is the kind of expertise Professor Sanderson Bellamy brings to the table—an understanding of the complexity of the food system and the need for change that fits into the wider context.

Business/Sector Interests

She currently advises Welsh government on the implementation of its Nature Recovery Action Plan, she led on the implementation of the first Biodiversity Action Plan at Cardiff University and also advised on the development of Cardiff City’s One Planet Strategy (which includes food as one of its 6 thematic areas for change).

Dr Sanderson Bellamy is also a board member of the Food Policy Alliance Cymru, which is comprised of food system stakeholders advocating for a food system approach too policy-making in Welsh Government. She works with food system stakeholders to co-produce research actions that can demonstrate ways to make our food systems more sustainable, healthier and more accessible. These experiences inform her approach to practical actions for effective strategy implementation.

How her academic expertise can be practically applied to a business partner

She has worked in partnership with Rainforest Alliance to demonstrate the effectiveness of their certification standards and to advise on ways to improve their certification criteria in order to drive real change in environmental sustainability. Professor Sanderson Bellamy can also work with organisations to design interventions and to evaluate the impact of interventions on sustainability and health across the food system.

For more information about Professor Sanderson Bellamy’s work please click here

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