Is green flight possible?

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Steve Wright, Senior Research Fellow in Aerospace Engineering at UWE Bristol, shared his thoughts on the electrification of flight, at the EV Summit Online Series “How do we deliver a decarbonised international aerospace sector?” held on 14th October.

On the live stream, Steve flew one of his drones to demonstrate one of the core advantages in electric aviation – “It gives flexibility – you can sprinkle propulsion systems all over the aircraft, arranging them in ways you just couldn’t imagine in conventional aerospace.”

Steve explained that this flexibility was enabling a relatively quick roll out of electric and alternative propulsion systems in smaller aircraft and the creation of new classes of “flying taxis”.

But Steve expressed doubts about how quick it would be to scale up the electric propulsion systems, alongside their unique supporting technologies.

“I’m not expecting a transatlantic passenger plane until 2050. I hope I’m wrong,” said Steve. “We’re not going to beat this problem in one sitting. Electric and alternative propulsion systems are very different [to conventional] and have a whole set of specific problems and also opportunities.”

Hear more of Steve’s short talk and his Q&A session in the video below.

And if you’d like to hear the other speakers’ take on the problem, watch the entire online event: How do we deliver a decarbonised international aerospace sector? – YouTube

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