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Alongside other DETI partner companies, UWE Bristol have organised a free virtual skills and training CPD course focused on upskilling local engineers in all things Big Data.

Upskilling and onboarding digital technologies is a core aim of the DETI Innovate program, and Big Data is one such tool that has been identified as critical for the Engineering sector. As such, this introductory course is designed to help industries and workers visualize the possibilities of a future with Big Data by introducing core concepts and applications.

The skills and training course is open to all applicants seeking pathways to a digital career. And to enable as many people to take part as possible, the course is being made available online, allowing participants to study materials at their own pace.

Register for the Big Data course here

The induction session is 10 – 11am on 25th April 2022 – so sign up soon! Following work can be undertaken at the learners own pace.

What is Big Data?

Big Data refers to the analysis of large datasets to discover trends, correlations, or other insights not easily visible with smaller datasets or conventional processing methods. With the high rate of adoption of sensors and connected devices with the internet of things, there has been a huge increase in the data points created in the manufacturing industry.  

In manufacturing, Big Data can discover new information and identify patterns that enable businesses to improve processes, increase supply chain efficiency and identify variables that affect production.

Who’s the course for?

This course is designed for learners with a technology, computer science or engineering background, who are in their early career looking to specialise into digital engineering. Or those currently working in these sectors and looking to develop their existing skills.

That includes, students, graduates, apprentices, technicians, engineers, operators, and anyone interested in upskilling or reskilling their knowledge in the subject area.

We’d particularly like to encourage those who are recently unemployed, self-employed, looking to move into a new job role, or coming out of furlough – to sign up.

Entry requirements

Participants will be required to:

  • have a good knowledge of basic computer literacy skills
  • be committed to completing the modules and assessment and be able to take part in the course delivery format and subject matter
  • be aged from 19 years of age and above.
  • agree to provide mandatory personal data and supplementary information on their jobs, education and give feedback on the course delivery

Course details

Introduction to Big Data

  • Defining Big Data and sources of Big Data
  • The four dimensions of Big Data: Volume, velocity, variety, veracity
  • Big Data applications/examples in business
  • Delivering business benefit from Big Data
  • Establishing the business importance of Big Data

SQL Databases vs. NoSQL Databases 

  • Understand the growing amounts of data 
  • RDBMSs ACID, and Introduction to NoSQL databases
  • Understanding the difference between a relational DBMS and a NoSQL database
  • Identifying the need to employ a NoSQL DB
  • Overview of Hadoop and Related Technologies 

Data Quality

  • Metrics and Measures: Why are the metrics and measures important for data quality estimation and how to select appropriate and relevant metrics for a project?
  • Tools and Techniques: How to estimate data quality using some of the current tools and technologies? How to use the tools and advantages/disadvantages of various tools.

Knowledge Retrieval

  • Knowledge Extraction: Types of knowledge
  • The lifecycle of knowledge extraction from big data
  • An overview of core principles and techniques used to extract knowledge, for example, classification, clustering, and regression analysis.

Register for the Big Data course here

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