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In line with fulfilling the needs of the Digital Skills requirement in the Engineering sector, UWE Bristol’s DETI Skills programme with its partner companies are delivering a free skills and training CPD course on Big Data.   

The course is free for all to attend but is specifically targeted to Technicians, Engineers, Operators, and anyone interested in upskilling or reskilling their knowledge in the subject area.  

Mode of Delivery: Online 

Date:    24th November 2021  

Time:    10.00  am – 16.00 pm

Cost:     Free to attend

Activity: Explore analytics models 

Review: Online assessment to test the understanding of participants

Strategic Alignment

This course supports the learning and the development of skills to breach the huge skills and employment gap in the UK for current and future engineers of the workforce through DETI delivery programmes.

Course Objective: The Big Data course will introduce Big data concepts and its’ applications. 

What is Big Data? 

Big Data refers to the analysis of large datasets to discover trends, correlations, or other insights not easily visible with smaller datasets or the conventional processing methods. With the high rate of adoption of sensors and connected devices with the internet of things, there has been a huge increase in the data points created in the manufacturing industry with the rise in data availability.  

Big data in manufacturing can discover new information and identify patterns that enable them to improve processes, increase supply chain efficiency and identify variables that affect production 

CPD Course in Big Data

Learn the fundamentals of big data with this CPD course which is designed to introduce you to this in-demand field, and will teach you how to design and implement big data analytics solutions. Delegates will also learn key tools and systems for working with big data such as Hadoop and Spark, and learn how to implement NoSQL data storage and processing solutions.

Course Delivery: 

Introduction to Big Data

  • Defining Big Data and sources of Big Data
  • The four dimensions of Big Data: Volume, velocity, variety, veracity
  • Big Data applications/examples in business
  • Delivering business benefit from Big Data
  • Establishing the business importance of Big Data

SQL Databases vs. NoSQL Databases 

  • Understand the growing amounts of data
  • RDBMSs ACID, and Introduction to NoSQL databases
  • Understanding the difference between a relational DBMS and a NoSQL database
  • Identifying the need to employ a NoSQL DB
  • Overview of Hadoop and Related Technologies 

Data Quality

  • Metrics and Measures: Why are the metrics and measures important for data quality estimation and how to select appropriate and relevant metrics for a project?
  • Tools and Techniques: How to estimate data quality using some of the current tools and technologies? How to use the tools and advantages/disadvantages of various tools.

Knowledge Retrieval

  • Knowledge Extraction: Types of knowledge
  • The lifecycle of knowledge extraction from big data
  • An overview of core principles and techniques used to extract knowledge, for example, classification, clustering and regression analysis.


There will be a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) via mentimeter both mid way and at the end of the course to gauge the understating of participants.

Attending the Course

To register your place on the course contact Dr. Ramin Amali  –  or Dr. Halimah Abdullahi –

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