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Morning all!

As some of you know, we have been successfully using my small box of Lego and childhood Duplo for some time as a resource on a variety of Bristol Business School modules and programmes… Interventions for Creativity and Change, Coaching in Organisations, Team Entrepreneurship, Organisational Leadership. I know many of us have found this is a useful and effective resource with which to encourage students to think about leadership identities, organisational change and development, team building and so on.

In particular, I have often used this Lego in connection with David Gauntlett’s work on creative methodologies and found it to be a great way to explore organisational change with many of my postgraduate Leadership and Management students. Check out these links for more info:

However, I’ve always felt we really needed the full Lego Serious Play kit…and recent student feedback has suggested we need a wider range of bricks! Not only so we have a bigger and better resource that we can all share, but so the pieces and bricks in the kit are more aligned with our requirements for ‘organisation studies’ teaching and student reflection; we need trees, figures, ladders and animals in order to engage with the ‘metaphorical’ foundations on which this ‘strategic play’ is based.

So, great news! I have just heard that our purchase of 1 ‘Identity and Landscape’ kit has been approved and is on its way! This is the kit: and it should be with us by the end of September. So, if you fancy using it, trialling it, or you just want to find out more about how this resource could be integrated into your teaching, just let me know!

For more information on Lego Serious Play and how it works and why, follow this link

There are also a variety of research papers/ books listed on the site that you might find useful, including:

  • Oliver, D. and Roos, J. “Constructing Organizational Identity”. Imagination Lab Working Paper 2003- 10, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2003
  • Oliver, David and Roos. Striking a Balance: Complexity and Knowledge Landscapes. McGraw-Hill, 2000
  • Roos, J., Victor, B., and Statler, M. “Playing Seriously With Strategy”. Imagination Lab Working Paper 2003-2a, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2003
  • Said, R., Roos, J., and Statler, M. “Lego Speaks” Imagination Lab Working Paper 2002-7, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2002
  • Gauntlett, David. Creative Explorations, New approaches to identities and audiences, Routledge, 2

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