Leah Tomkins – it’s all about the experience of happiness! :)

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This project is a collaboration with Virginia Eatough and Zoe Boden at Birkbeck, University of London.  We are interested in what it is like to feel happy – both in terms of its felt, embodied sense and in terms of the way it is thematised.  The former aspect dovetails with our phenomenological interest in first-person experience.  The latter aspect is particularly applicable to critical organisational studies, because it suggests ways in which the experience of happiness is – and is not – captured in organisational categories such as ‘well-being’, ‘morale’, ‘commitment’, ‘satisfaction’, etc.  Virginia is a well-known figure in the phenomenology of emotions field, and has discussed our preliminary findings on radio within the context of David Cameron’s desire to measure the nation’s happiness!   

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