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Hi all…

Gareth has been kind enough to pass on this information about a new online community called ‘InLeading’…please see below for details, taken from this new site…and the link to get you started…InLeading 

“InLeading is a new online community focussing on the development of knowledge and professional practice in leadership worldwide. Our goal is to make InLeading the go to destination for those involved in leadership research and practice, with our discussion forums providing a wealth of information and our active membership giving members ample networking opportunity through the creation of a niche social network.

At the moment we are in our infancy and we are looking for early members who are interested in helping seed our discussion forums with interesting topics and conversations. For more detail about InLeading and where we are hoping to take it, take a look at our launch post in the forums. To get started, sign up today and join the conversation.”


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