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The Developing Leadership Capacity Conference (DLCC) is returning to UWE for its 10th anniversary. The conference will be hosted by Bristol Leadership and Change Centre (BLCC) and the Bristol Business Engagement Centre (BBEC) in our new Business School on the 12th and 13th July 2018. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary the topic of leadership learning seems to be as important as ever with an increased level of research interest and increased levels of investment. This popularity of leadership learning and development has been accompanied by a focus on innovative and creative methods. We wish to explore some of these methods as part of the conference and hence invite contributions on leadership learning, development and education, with a particular focus on innovation and creativity. These creative and innovative approaches further appear to resonate with increased interest in critical issues within leadership studies more widely. For example, we are seeing research into issues of gender, identity, power and resistance and a more aesthetic appreciation of leadership. The methodologies used for learning leadership are also developing outside the mainstream with increased calls for more reflexive and democratic processes of learning. Whilst we are hoping to explore these innovative, creative and critical issues further, the conference will also welcome any other discussion of leadership learning, development and education.

We already have two keynote speakers how have agree to present at the conference – Professor Paul Hibbert (St Andrew’s University) and Professor Carole Elliott (Roehampton University). They will be discussing innovative approaches to leadership and organizational learning from a reflexive standpoint and based on a large scale research project on women leaders respectively. We hope that you will join us in sharing your experiences, practices and research on leadership and organizational learning and development. 500 word abstract submissions are needed by the 16th March 2018. Contact Dr Gareth Edwards ( or Dr Doris Schedlitzki ( for further details or watch out for our website which will go live soon!

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