2nd July 2013: Creative Leadership Project – Event 3 – Leadership and Space

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You are warmly invited to participate free of charge in a series of interactive workshops linking research and practice to create new ways of leading in public service organisations. The workshops will draw on three distinct areas of expertise in relation to creative leadership: Language, Innovation and Space.

Event 3: Leadership and Space

Leadership and SpaceLeading work space change, be it office re-design, planning innovative work spaces or creating more flexible workplaces, is a complex and demanding process.  Increasingly organisations are under pressure to reduce the cost of work space, whilst at the same time designing spaces that unite workers and inspire users. However, making successful changes to the physical environment at work can lead to increased employee engagement and well-being, more flexible ways of working and have a positive impact on performance. But what should organisations be aware of during such change? What are the everyday issues raised by employees; why are these issues important? And what are the key issues for effective leadership of work space change in the future?

This Workshop draws on findings from a UWE SPUR4 funded project in association with the Environment Agency, Bristol. It explores the award winning ‘Horizon House’, the new Environment Agency headquarters. Built to unite 1,000 staff from across the South West and to meet with detailed sustainability criteria, the new offices provide open-plan, flexible and innovative work spaces. In particular, this seminar examines the impact this change process has had on employees and their responses to the transformation of their work space, post-occupancy. A short presentation will highlight key findings from the study, illustrating both academic reflections, stories from those involved and reflections from practice. This will be followed by facilitated round table discussions and the opportunity to network with and learn from the experience of others.

Date: 2nd July 2013

Time: 5.30-7.30pm

Venue: Executive Development Centre, Frenchay Campus, University of the West of England

Speakers: Dr Harriet Shortt (UWE), Julie Jupe and David Cameron (Environment Agency, Bristol)


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