18th June 2013: Creative Leadership Project – Event 2 – Leadership and Innovation

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You are warmly invited to participate free of charge in a series of interactive workshops linking research and practice to create new ways of leading in public service organisations. The workshops will draw on three distinct areas of expertise in relation to creative leadership: Language, Innovation and Space.

Event 2: Leadership and Innovation

Leadership and Innovation

Many believe the NHS is currently undergoing the most radical change since its inception 65 years ago.  With budgets at best fixed and demand increasing, the need to innovate is widely recognised.  But how far does organisational climate help or hinder innovation?  And what role might leadership and leadership learning have to play?

This Workshop draws on the findings from research commissioned by the Strategic Health Authority into leadership learning and the everyday experience of leading innovation in the health and social care sector.  A short presentation will highlight key findings from the study, illustrated with stories and reflections from those making it happen.  This will be followed by facilitated round table discussions and the opportunity to network with and learn from the experience of others.

Date: 18th June 2013

Time: 5.30-7.30pm

Venue: Exhibition and Conference Centre, Frenchay Campus, University of the West of England

Speakers: Dr Carol Jarvis (UWE), Dr Rob Sheffield (UWE), Participants on the Aspiring Top Leaders Programme


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