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1993 prospectus, Bristol Polytechnic, the new university in the West of England

Communicating who we are and what we offer as a university has always been crucially important. Exactly how we do that has developed over the years.

Take a look back with us at our old prospectus covers. We’ve come a long way as a university.

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Communicating our identity

People need to hear all that’s great about us loud and clear.

Over the years, the emphasis has shifted and our brand positioning has gone through a bold re-imagining. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, we aim to improve public awareness of UWE Bristol and our reputation.

A brand is much more than a logo and a colour palette. Every successful brand has a powerful brand message behind it. It’s what sets out an organisation’s ambition, motivates its people and attracts everyone else.

Our brand identity encapsulates what’s great about UWE Bristol – providing clarity as to why we’re different from other universities and why people should want to be part of our ambitious and progressive institution. We have incredible stories to tell.

How the design process has changed

Back in the 1980s, graphic design was entirely analogue and involved a set of physical skills. Designers sketched layouts, and used rulers, scalpels, and set squares. Huge advances in technology have transformed the processes over the years. 

In the early 1990s, Photoshop arrived on the scene, allowing designers to experiment with new techniques. The internet became publicly available which changed things forever – graphic design was no longer just for print, but web too.

During the 2000s design tools became even more powerful and designers created for portable devices, such as smartphones. At UWE Bristol we now primarily produce digital prospectuses, rather than printed, which can be accessed across all device types. 

Fill in the gaps?

We’ve looked high and low for old prospectuses and print, and brought them together to share with you. We don’t have every year covered, so please email if you can help us complete the set.

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