Photo of tree silhouetted against blue beams of light

Beaming art into Castle Park this winter

An ambitious new artwork designed by Bristol-based creatives PYTCH will be showing at Bristol Light Festival 2023, launching this Friday ...
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Alumni featured in New Year Honours list - photos of Nicole Sapstead (top left), John Akomfrah (top right), Edson Burton (bottom left) and Nura Aabe (bottom right)

King Charles’ first New Year Honours list features UWE Bristol alumni

Some of our inspiring alumni have been recognised in the King's first issue of the New Year Honours list and ...
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Painting the Bristol Palestine Film Festival mural (project funded by The UWE Bristol Fund)

The impact of donations to the UWE Bristol Fund

What is the UWE Bristol Fund? The UWE Bristol Fund provides hardship grants for students facing severe financial difficulty, and ...
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Aisha Thomas MBE

Education is a privilege

Anti-racist educator Aisha Thomas MBE, LLB(Hons) Law (2006), founder of Representation Matters, talks to us about her journey, her inspiration, ...
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1993 prospectus, Bristol Polytechnic, the new university in the West of England

Prospectuses and print through the years

Communicating who we are and what we offer as a university has always been crucially important. Exactly how we do ...
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Young boy standing in front of illegally logged hard wood in Nigeria.

And still we lack the resolve our problems demand

Illegally logged hard wood in Nigeria © Hard Rain Project / Mark Edwards Mark Edwards is one of the most ...
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George Ezra camping with friends, Courtesy of Lorton Distribution

Making a film with our friend George Ezra

Image: George Ezra and friends, courtesy of Lorton Distribution George Ezra’s film End-to-End premiered in UK cinemas this August bank ...
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Kevin Millwood photos from 1998 and present

What happened next? Meet Kevin, 24 years after he featured in our prospectus.

Kevin Millwood featured in our 1998 prospectus. We came across his profile whilst looking through our archives and wondered what ...
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Marian Evans with LLansteffan Castle in background

Then and now: the story of a farm girl, a 900-year-old castle, and an executive coaching business

Growing up on a dairy farm in rural Wales, special days out for Marian were spent at Llansteffan Castle. Steeped ...
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Kathryn and Matt Colledge on their first date in 1994

10 stories of love and friendship found

Kathryn and Matt Colledge on their first date University life is about the people as much as the studying. A ...
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30 to watch – inspirational alumni, staff and students

We're celebrating our 30th anniversary. So we picked 30 brilliant alumni, staff and students who inspire us. Each of these ...
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black and white photo of student at computer circa 1979

Then and now: From floppy disks to webchat, we look at how life for UWE students has changed

From a time when Frenchay Campus’ only computer room boasted just ten ‘computer terminals’, it’s safe to say things have ...
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