‘Writing Organization: Disruption and Difference Through Experimental, Embodied and Non-Written Texts’ …symposium at the University of Bradford, April 2014

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‘Writing Organization: Disruption and Difference Through Experimental, Embodied and Non-Written Texts’ 

A Symposium organised by Marianna Fotaki, Nancy Harding, Mary Phillips, Alison Pullen and Carl Rhodes

Location: University of Bradford School of Management

Date: Tuesday April 29th 2014

This symposium arises from conversations between the authors of two recently published papers appearing in leading journals in management and organization studies which address the embodied and gendered practices of writing organization using French feminist philosophy. Phillips, Pullen and Rhodes (2013) analyse Cixous’ concept of bisexual writing as applied to narrative methodologies in organization studies, while Fotaki, Metcalfe and Harding (forthcoming) apply Irigaray’s perspectives on writing on the body to rethink gendered organizations. To develop the conversation further, and to build feminist thinking in organization studies, we invite participants to contribute to this one-day symposium. We  will bring together scholars interested in engaging with writing organization/s differently so as to invite others to participate in this conversation and together develop new practices. We will explore how to incorporate embodied and feminine forms of writing that contest the implicit but still present assumption of masculinity in the research and writing of management and organizational studies, as argued in the papers by Fotaki, Metcalfe and Harding (forthcoming) and Phillips, Pullen and Rhodes (2013), and also, earlier, by Pullen and Rhodes (2008) and Höpfl (2000). The symposium will explore how scholars can productively and creatively engage with writing that problematizes the inter-relations between gendered, sexed, raced and classed bodies normally constrained by writing rules and genres. We will include considerations of textual experimentation, embodied writing, and modes of representation that are beyond the written text.

The seminar is sponsored jointly by the journal Organization, Bradford School of Management, ARCIO* and the Faculty of Social Sciences & Law, University of Bristol. Numbers will be limited to 30 participants so as to allow for discussion and exploration of ideas. Speakers include: Marianna Fotaki, Nancy Harding, Mary Phillips, Alison Pullen, Carl Rhodes, Ann Rippin. The seminar is free, but a night’s accommodation at Bradford School of Management is available at a charge of £45 (plus £18.00 for dinner, if required. Please book directly with Heaton Mount (http://www.bradford.ac.uk/management/heatonmount).

For more details contact: Nancy Harding at n.h.harding@bradford.ac.uk

To register, contact Liz Brealey (e.brealey@bradford.ac.uk)

Fotaki, M., Metcalfe, B.D., and Harding, N. (forthcoming) Writing materiality into management and organization studies through and with Luce Irigaray.  Human Relations

Höpfl, H. (2000) The suffering mother and the miserable son: organizing women and organizing women’s writing. Gender. Work & Organization, 7(2), 98-105.

Phillips, M., Pullen, A., & Rhodes, C. (2013) Writing organization as gendered practice: Interrupting the libidinal economy. Organization Studies. [online first).

Pullen, A. and Rhodes, C. (2008) Dirty writing. Culture and Organization, 14(3), 241-259.

* ARCIO (Action Research and Critical Inquiry in Organisations) is a research centre in the University of Bristol.

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