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Vice- Chancellor’s Student Leadership Programme…thanks, Anita, for sharing this exciting news!…

We have been quietly excited by our pilot programme led from a team in the Bristol Business School to coach students, most from disadvantaged backgrounds in finding their leadership voice and developing their leadership skills whilst studying at UWE. A group of 7 students from across different disciplines including nursing, business studies and IT have helped us pilot a new programme being launched this coming September which will broaden this opportunity to some 40 second year students across the University. The programme includes action learning and a chance to gain a professionally recognised qualification (ILM L3) in leadership which counts towards the University’s award winning careers development Futures scheme.

As part of the action learning, our students have experienced a trip to the House of Lords to consider the role of political leadership, have joined in some of our Distinguished Executive Address seminars, and carried out a study trip to a poor rural school in Morogoro, Tanzania, the hometown of one of the student. The final piece de resistance has been the opportunity to meet with Masai community leader Emmanuel Mankura together with global business change agent Chris Howe, and Kenyan Masai expert Dr Mick Thompson, joining forces with the Team Entrepreneur students to consider the issues of wisdom in leadership and the learning that we in the West can gain from an indigenous community based in Kenya and Tanzania.

In the picture above, in order from the left, students Colin Harvey, Julie Pei, team coach member Professor Gareth Edwards, Masai leader Emmanuel Mankura, student Bilal Bukhari, Masai expert Dr Mick Thompson, student Rytis Cikeliovas, Bristol Leadership Programme founder Tracie Joliff and international consultant and change maker Chris Howe. And in the picture below is our fabulous team coach member Emir Kullar looking good in her African tiara and carrying her Masai leadership stick as a gift from the  lovely Emmanuel: she wore the tiara all day and who can blame her!anita 2

Now as a result of all this extra curricula stimulation, the VCSL students have decided with support from our team to design and deliver a Masterclass aimed at business leaders through their growing networks from the programme to raise money for the school they have visited in rural Tanzania. The invitation (attached – see final link at the bottom of this post) includes a 3 course dinner at Bristol Zoo, free access to the gardens with a Masterclass from Chris Howe. Please book your tickets now via the link provided in the flyer for a very special evening on the 20th June – we hope to sell out!

And you can see pictures of the students’ research visit to Tanzania here:

The students hope to build a legacy through establishing a charity and engaging with the new recruits. In doing so they are learning a great deal about the challenges of leadership! They are being mentored in the process by Chris Howe and Dr Mick Thompson.

You can find out more about the Vice-Chancellor’s forthcoming Student Leadership Programme here at

or for further information contact Anita Gulati or our administrator Simon Leake

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