Organizing in the Borderlands

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An important part of the OS blog is to share short snippets and updates from our current research projects. Today, Dr Hugo Gaggiotti wanted to share his current collaborative British Academy project, titled ‘Organizing in the Borderlands’. A brief description of the project can be found below as well as a link to the blog associated with the project. There are also some great photos and videos to be found on the blog!

‘Organizing in the Borderlands’: The aim of the project is a) to consolidate UACJ and JEPGOR research capacity and b) to lead the development of a formal education programme, but the primary objective is to contribute to the promotion of socio-economic welfare in Chihuahua by transferring this knowledge as professional organizational practices that ultimately help to solve social and economic needs of families, children and youngsters in Ciudad Juárez (Mexico).

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