How Clearing gave me a second chance to study at university.

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By Chris, BSc(Hons) Biomedical Science and MSc Science Communication

UWE Bristol student, Chris, tells us how Clearing enabled him to apply to university after he decided to make a career change. He shares what it’s like phoning the Admissions team on results day, and how they helped him to narrow down his options. Read Chris’s story.

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How Clearing opened doors for me on results day.

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By India, BA(Hons) Broadcast Journalism.

UWE Bristol student, India, tells us how calling our Clearing hotline helped to reassure her when she faced difficult decisions on results day. She shares why she chose UWE Bristol and the support she’s received throughout the process. Keep reading to hear India’s story.

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How Clearing gave me back my control on results day.

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By Saffron, BA(Hons) Education

UWE Bristol student, Saffron, tells us how Clearing gave her different options when she narrowly missed the grades she needed for her course.  She shares her experience of calling the Admissions team on results day, and how Clearing enabled her to move to another course. Keep reading to hear Saffron’s story.

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How working with the Mayor of Bristol gave me a great insight into the world of politics.

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by Mamadou, BA(Hons) Politics and International Relations.

Politics and International Relations student Mamadou shares his experience of mentoring and internship, gained through the UWE Equity Programme. Hear how he got to work with the Mayor of Bristol, what he discovered about himself and the opportunities it has opened up for his future career.

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My Clearing experience

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by Emily, BA(Hons) History

Clearing sounds very scary, doesn’t it? Of all the thoughts running around in the build up to results day, the thought of clearing may be overwhelming. The thought I might not get to go to the University I had chosen scared me, but it shouldn’t especially if you get prepared beforehand.

In the run up to exams, I began to have a change of mind towards which subject I would be studying at university. I always thought it would be History, but after a set of good coursework results in Media Studies I began to think about studying that instead. I proceeded to ask my teacher for support and she pointed me in the right direction and gave me some courses to look at. By results day I was practically certain that Media was in fact, the subject for me.

What to do on results day

Soon enough results day came but upon looking at my results, I panicked and was filled with an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. My mum suggested I speak to my tutor, who then took me in to her office to discuss my options and to talk about what I wanted to do. Teachers and other staff members are a really good resource when it comes to clearing, they’ve been through this a billion times before and can guide you to all the right places. I must have spent at least an hour in there before reaching a decision.

Why UWE Bristol?

UWE Bristol was always an option as it was where my mum had studied and she always raved about it. UWE Bristol had a good reputation and after looking at their course for History online I found the modules really interesting. Their online clearing process was easy to navigate and very helpful, in comparison to the other university I was looking at which was unhelpful and kept redirecting me to different phone lines. This made my decision so much easier, and I began to think that although this was different to the experience I was expecting, the course was sounding even better than the one I originally wanted to study. It then began to set in that I was going to UWE Bristol and I felt proud, to do so. Clearing had set my mind at ease.

My top tips for clearing

  1. Firstly you should fully research universities and courses beforehand, this is in case you don’t get the results you want as it’s good to know what options are out there and have a few back-ups.
  2. I would check UCAS track prior to going to collect results, this should prepare you for the outcome and can help you understand whether you need any assistance.
  3. You should check your school or college opening times and I would recommend going sooner rather than later. This way it will be easier to make use of the help at hand and if you are unsure of anything it’s definitely worth asking a teacher or another member of staff.
  4. It might also be worth bringing a parent, friend or someone else along with you for support.
  5. Finally I would also recommend getting lots of sleep before, and trying not to worry, worrying will not change the outcome!

I would stress that you shouldn’t be disappointed if you don’t get your first choice. Clearing can be a really helpful tool that can offer a number of possibilities. Not getting your first choice might initially seem disappointing, but you shouldn’t let it write off your future, there are still numerous possibilities that can shape your life for the better.

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