How Clearing gave me back my control on results day.

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By Saffron, BA(Hons) Education

UWE Bristol student, Saffron, tells us how Clearing gave her different options when she narrowly missed the grades she needed for her course.  She shares her experience of calling the Admissions team on results day, and how Clearing enabled her to move to another course. Keep reading to hear Saffron’s story.

Why I chose UWE Bristol

When I first started looking at universities, I knew straight away I wanted to study at UWE Bristol. It’s not too far from my hometown in Cornwall, plus I wanted to experience living in a large city. I’ve always wanted to work with children, so I applied for the Primary Initial Teacher Education Training course at UWE Bristol.

This was a perfect choice for me – it’s a 3-year course which will qualify me to become a teacher quicker than the PGCE route. I was invited to an interview and I was so excited when I was offered a place. However, my offer required an A* for the Level 3 Early Years Educator Diploma that I was studying at my local college.

I was predicted an A grade for this diploma, so I was really concerned I wouldn’t be able to achieve such a high mark. This left me feeling under a lot of pressure and stress, which I think negatively impacted my overall grade. I was constantly overwhelmed and worried about not doing well enough but determined to do my best to get onto my chosen course at UWE Bristol.

What happened on results day

When it came to results day in August, I received a grade B for my diploma. I felt disappointed knowing I wouldn’t be able to get onto my course and I had doubts I’d be able to study at UWE Bristol that year. I had no plan or idea for what I was going to do next. However, after I received my results, I got an email from Admissions at UWE Bristol that lifted my spirits. 

The Admissions team allocated me to a course called Early Years Education, which I had enough UCAS points for. The team also mentioned BA(Hons) Education, another course which I had enough points to apply for. I was over the moon to receive an offer for two different courses. Admissions gave me the option to choose between the two courses, so I started the process known as Clearing.

My experience of Clearing

I loved the sound of the BA(Hons) Education course, so I immediately phoned the Admissions team to move my offer to this course through Clearing. There were many members of staff on hand, so I managed to get through very quickly, despite it being results day across the country. I explained my situation to them, and they gave me a clear step-by-step guide on what to do next. 

First, I had to decline my offer for the Early Years Education course and then wait to receive an offer for the BA(Hons) Education course. The offer came through extremely quickly, while I was on the phone to Admissions. All I had to do then was accept the offer and double check that everything had gone through correctly, which was really simple.

The Admissions team were amazing and calmed my nerves. Before I picked up the phone, I was extremely stressed and worried. But the team reassured me that everything was going to be OK and that I shouldn’t be disheartened by my grade from my college diploma. Each step was simple and the whole process was complete within one day, so I found Clearing really quick and painless.

“Clearing meant I was still able to celebrate on results day and know exactly what I was going to be doing in September.”

Starting my course at UWE Bristol

In September 2019, I joined the BA(Hons) Education course here at UWE Bristol. I’ve now finished my second year and I’m looking forward to starting my third year in September. I absolutely loved both years of the course, and I adapted well to studying mainly online in my second year due to the pandemic.

I’ve received amazing support from all my lecturers and I’m so happy things turned out the way they did. My course has opened my eyes to many different job opportunities I hadn’t considered before, helping me to discover my own career path. I’ve now decided I’d like to use the skills I’ve gained through my degree to train as a mental health practitioner.

Final thoughts

My advice to anyone receiving their results this summer is to be prepared and organised. It’s worth looking into Clearing before results day to see the courses available to you. By doing this in advance, you’ll reduce your stress on results day and it’ll help you to stay in control of your options. I’m glad Clearing helped me to take a different direction and find a new course I’m passionate about.

Apply to UWE Bristol through Clearing.

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