How Clearing opened doors for me on results day.

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By India, BA(Hons) Broadcast Journalism.

UWE Bristol student, India, tells us how calling our Clearing hotline helped to reassure her when she faced difficult decisions on results day. She shares why she chose UWE Bristol and the support she’s received throughout the process. Keep reading to hear India’s story.

What happened on Results Day

I found studying my A Levels the hardest stage of my life so far and getting through them was one of my biggest achievements. I really struggled with this part of my education, which negatively impacted my A Levels grades. I finished college with two A Levels, so I had to complete my third subject the following year.

At first this terrified me. I wanted to move on, rather than take a gap year or stay at school. I originally planned to study English with Business at another university, so my decision to change my university and course choice was a difficult one. My family’s support helped me to realise what I wanted to do next, which led me to apply to UWE Bristol through Clearing.

My experience of Clearing

My results day feels like a lifetime ago now, but I distinctly remember the panic. I felt like there was a countdown to decide. My parents suggested I call the Admissions team at UWE Bristol to find out more about Clearing. And I’m so glad I did – the lady on the other end of the phone was calm and clearly had lots of experience talking to worried students.

The lady explained that, thanks to my dance background, I’d have enough UCAS points to apply. She talked me through all the different paths I could take, which was reassuring and inspiring. I even had the option to complete my third A Level while at university. A few days later, I accepted my offer to study at UWE Bristol and I was beyond relieved.

“The Clearing process was easy and straightforward, from phoning the Clearing hotline to accepting my offer through UCAS.”

Why did I choose UWE Bristol?

I mainly applied to UWE Bristol because I was captivated by their Broadcast Journalism course. Also, I remember going to a Clearing Open Day to explore the campus facilities. I immediately fell in love with the University. My campus, Bower Ashton, was surrounded by fields and deer, plus the facilities were outstanding. I could really see myself studying there.

The location was ideal too, as my hometown is only an hour away from Bristol. This seemed like the perfect distance to move to and live away from home for the first time. Bristol was far enough away for me to gain independence, and I could easily travel back home whenever I wanted to.

My older brother studied Physiotherapy at UWE Bristol and got a job immediately after graduating and is now a physiotherapist at a hospital in London. UWE Bristol provided him with a great student experience, which made him a lot more independent. After seeing his success and happiness at university, I wanted the same for myself too.

What it’s like studying at UWE Bristol

After three years of studying here, I’m about to graduate with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from UWE Bristol. Although this subject wasn’t originally what I’d planned to study, I couldn’t be happier. At the start of my degree, I wondered if I made the right decision, which is completely normal. Luckily, I quickly realised I made the right choice for me.

“I have no regrets about applying to UWE Bristol through Clearing – I couldn’t imagine studying anywhere else.”

My course is very small, so all the students studying in my classes all know each other well and we’re all good friends. We’re taught by a great team of lecturers, who spend countless hours helping us with even the smallest tasks. I’m so lucky I’ve found a university with such a supportive community.

After I graduate, I’ll continue my studies at UWE Bristol, as I have a place on their master’s in Marketing Communications. I’ve really enjoyed my time here, so this decision was easy for me. I know UWE Bristol will support me every step of the way, so although I’ll need to work hard next year, I’m ready for the challenge.

Final thoughts

Looking back, I wish I’d known it’s OK to take your time on results day. You don’t need to rush and have your future figured out right away. Take it a step at a time by preparing for Clearing and planning for different scenarios before you receive your A Level results.

Find out what Clearing is ahead of time, as this will make your results day less stressful. Focus on doing your best in your A Levels and think about your interests and what you enjoy studying, then the rest will come naturally.

Apply to UWE Bristol through Clearing.

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