Past DRAGoN Webinars: The importance of solidarity in Data sharing.

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DRAGoN runs a very popular webinar series that brings academics together with practitioners and members of the public facilitating conversation to flow from theory to practice. The next run of these webinars are due to start at the end of February 2023.

In the first of three blogs looking back on the Data Ethics and Governance webinar series so far Francesco Tava reflects on past seminars and the impact they have had on his work . In this post Francesco focuses on the webinar closest to one of his main research areas – data ethics.

Francesco starts by explaining “The idea of this series is to overcome the typical academic boundaries by involving professionals working in various sectors of data governance in a discussion around ethical concepts and problems arising from the use, access and sharing of data.” From the webinars we have held so far, one that aligns to my current research interests was the discussion on solidarity-based data governance.” with Barbara Prainsack (University of Vienna)

Francesco goes on to say that often the first and only consideration underpinning data governance is how to defend privacy. However, there are other principles which are equally important when it comes to data access and sharing that tend to fall by the wayside. One of which being solidarity. How can we rebalance this approach to include principles such as solidarity when assessing the practicalities and risks involved in data management?

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The talk that Barbara Prainsack held and the discussion that followed was very valuable. Not only did this discussion investigate a series of issues stemming from data management, but it also envisaged how a solidarity-based approach can provide possible solutions to these problems.

You can listen to the whole conversation for a deeper dive into Francesco’s reflection of this webinar here

You can listen to past DRAGoN talks here.

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