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We are partnering with Eastside Community Trust to bring you a night of short, attention grabbing talks followed by a Q&A. Free and open to all at Easton Community Centre.

What’s the Big Idea? Eastside Community Trust and University of West of England present four attention – grabbing, interesting talks, with a Q&A sessions throughout.


Easton Community Centre  Kilburn Street, Easton, BS5 6AW

Date and time

Mon, 27 March 18:30-19:30


This event is free but we ask that you Register Here so we can accommodate for numbers.

Speaker 1 – Richard Hatfield

INFLATION!!! Why? …and What next?

Why inflation? Some economists believe full employment and wage demands are driving inflation, others the supply chain, the war in Ukraine, OPEC. So what is the real oil so to speak and what just smoke and mirrors. We Shall discuss….

Speaker 2 – Julie Woodley

The ethics of Head Transplantation

Dr Julie Woodley’s research is in medical ethics. Her presentation with focus on the controversial topic of human head transplantation. Should we allow this technique to go ahead, or should it remain science fiction? And how can medical ethics help us to decide?

Speaker 3 –Samuel Holbrook

Understanding air quality in your city.

Sam will be delving into air quality monitoring In Answering questions like ‘What makes a good source of data?’ and ‘How can you get a hold of your own air quality sensor?’’

Speaker 4 – Felix Ritchie

Your data and you. What does Tesco know about you?

What do companies like Tesco know about you through the data they gain from their loyalty schemes such as Clubcard points? How valuable is it? Where does that data go? Felix will explore how what how and where you shop tells your supermarket a lot about you – but also why this shouldn’t necessarily be a cause for concern.

The event is free to attend and open to all. To reserve a place please fill out the registration form

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