Postgraduate study at UWE Bristol enabled me to reach my potential.

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By Lamare, MSc Human Resources Management alum

UWE Bristol alum, Lamare, tell us about progressing from undergraduate to postgraduate studies at UWE Bristol. He shares the benefits of continuing / staying at uni to study a master’s degree, as well as his experiences of pursuing further study.

Progressing from UG to PG study

What inspired you to return to UWE for PG study?

After finishing my BA(Hons) Business Studies with Human Resources Management degree with a 2:1 at UWE Bristol, I went into an HR graduate scheme. I worked for one of the world’s largest construction and mining equipment businesses, which involved relocating to the East Midlands.

After two years of work, it dawned on me that I really missed studying at UWE Bristol. I wanted to find a course to strengthen my profile and make me stand out more to employers. There are so many students graduating in this generation that it’s difficult to get a competitive edge.

I decided to move back and study part-time for my Masters in MSc Human Resources Management at UWE Bristol.

What skills and knowledge did your course allow you to develop?

The skills and knowledge I developed have given me practical insight into best practices in the world of business. UWE Bristol is a great place to pursue postgraduate study because many of the academics are highly regarded in their fields.

At times you are speaking to the person who has developed the theory you’re studying. This is fantastic because this allows you to grasp and delve into the subject matter even more so than usual. Very quickly you learn how to read a text critically and think about how the concepts could be valuable in the real world.

Drawing on my academic knowledge has always been a strength of mine and the course heightened this strength for me in ways I didn’t expect. All of these aspects made transitioning into the world of work very simple for me and helped me progress well against my peers.

Aside from all this studying, I also joined the Badminton society which turned out to be the best social society. I met what I would consider my best friends today there and of course, there were many going out opportunities. Bristol also has probably the best nightlife in the country which is a bonus.

“UWE Bristol put me on a path to success”

Were there any barriers to you thinking about taking up PG study? How did you overcome these?

There were very small barriers to my experience of postgraduate study at UWE Bristol. Everyone’s key issue is usually funding, which was mine also. I was able to speak to staff at UWE Bristol, as well as course alumni to get the best advice on my circumstances.

I took out a bank loan and paid each year of my study over two years. This enabled me to pay off most of the bank loan whilst I was studying. When I got my dream job, I paid the loan off completely a year after. After 3 years I had paid for my postgrad studies which seems no time at all looking back now.

When I reflect now this was probably the best financial decision I made. This three-year bank loan to complete my postgraduate study at UWE Bristol has enabled me to progress and gain financial security for the rest of my career.

How was the application process?

Thinking back about the application process, it was very simple at UWE Bristol. It only took me a few hours to write my application. Being honest, it helped that most of my previous lecturers were the people who were reviewing and making the decision.

I received acceptance onto the postgraduate course shortly after applying – it was a quick turnaround. By this time my lecturers were sending me emails and LinkedIn messages saying that they were excited to have me back. This made me feel so confident that I had made the right decision.

How has PG study at UWE shaped you personally and professionally? How has this decision had a positive impact on where you are today?

At the end of it all, fortunately, I achieved my Masters with Merit. I was able to become a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. I’m now working as a Senior HR Advisor at one of the largest manufactures of robotics, computer printers, wearables and professional projection.

I think it’s cool being in a room with colleagues much older than you, which my degree has enabled me to do. I relish the challenge to progress and I can honestly say none of this would have been possible if I didn’t continue my studies to postgraduate level at UWE Bristol.

I hope you’re inspired to take a look at the postgraduate degrees that UWE Bristol can offer you.

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