How my master’s at UWE Bristol is supporting my career change to become an HR professional.

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By Anthony, part-time MSc Human Resources Management student.

Our postgraduate student, Anthony, tells us how his master’s in Human Resource Management (HRM) is helping him to change careers after returning to university. Anthony shares the highlights of studying HRM at UWE Bristol, as well as how he’s managing studying part-time alongside his job. Read more about Anthony’s story.

Anthony’s story

I discovered my passion for Human Resources (HR) later in my career, following a career change in my early 40s. After switching careers, I completed a Level 5 professional qualification from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), an accrediting professional body in HR.

Since I’m new to HR, I was keen to continue my studies at university. I was looking for a flexible part-time course that would provide an ideal mix of learning to fit around my work. I also wanted the opportunity to meet other budding HR professionals and build my network.

Why UWE Bristol?

When I was researching universities, I came across the part-time Human Resource Management (HRM) course at UWE Bristol. One of my colleagues had studied at UWE Bristol, and I was interested to hear about the tutors on the course – expert academics with real experience in the HR industry.

When I first visited Frenchay Campus, I was really impressed with the modern facilities at Bristol Business School. The campus location is also perfect for me as I live in Bath, so living locally would make it easy to attend my face-to-face lectures.

“Choosing MSc HRM at UWE Bristol is enabling me to achieve an accredited master’s degree.”

My experience of studying HRM at UWE Bristol

My HRM course has been fantastic. The content has been fascinating and useful for my day-to-day role. Studying part-time has given me the flexibility to work alongside my degree, allowing me to apply my new skills and knowledge directly to my role.

Plus, the lecturers and support staff have all been incredibly supportive – they understand the pressures of studying part-time alongside employment. Although it’s difficult studying on top of a full-time job, you can make it work if you’re organised, and the hard work is worth it.

“The HRM course at UWE Bristol has given me a great deal of confidence.”

The benefits of studying HRM at UWE Bristol

As a mature student returning to university, when I first started the course, I’d read an assignment title and not know how to tackle it. The course has given me the mindset to know how to approach the assignments and to break down each question into manageable chunks.

I’ve also learned how to approach unfamiliar pieces of work, which has helped me to feel less daunted when trying something new. The course has really helped to develop the self-confidence needed to continue my studies after a career change.

Final thoughts

While studying for my master’s, I have been able to progress my career to a more senior HR role.  My new employer was impressed that I had made such a commitment to my own development. My HRM course has given me a deeper level of understanding across a whole range of core areas in HR, to help me to achieve my career aspirations faster.

Studying a master’s in HRM has supported my career development while remaining in employment in my current job. I feel immense pride in having nearly completed the course and I have met some great people along the way too. 

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