How my master’s at UWE Bristol is helping me to pursue my dream career in HR.

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By Harriet, full-time MSc Human Resource Management student.

Our postgraduate student, Harriet, tells us how her master’s in Human Resource Management (HRM) is supporting her career aspirations. Harriet shares what she’s enjoyed most about her course and the support she’s received throughout her studies. Read more about Harriet’s story.

Harriet’s story

After studying Psychology at undergraduate level, I wanted to explore how I could take my interest in human behaviour further by turning this into a career. Once I started researching, I came across Human Resource Management (HRM), which sounded like a perfect option for me.

Some of my family already worked in this field, which sounded challenging and interesting. I knew I’d need a master’s degree to progress my career to a senior role in HRM. I was also interested in gaining accreditation to support my professional development.

Why UWE Bristol?

UWE Bristol was a strong choice for me as their practical, modern course would ensure I’d graduate with more than a degree. This course would give me the opportunity to complete a placement, where I’d have the chance to address a real-world issue in an HR workplace.

Also, a key selling point of the HRM course at UWE Bristol was the professional accreditation on offer. At the end of my course, I’d graduate with a Level 7 qualification accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a professional body who are recognised nationally.

I knew I wanted to study in a lively city, with lots of things for students to do and plenty of opportunities. Due to the vibrant nature of the city, Bristol seemed like a good fit for me. Plus, I’m originally from Cardiff, South Wales, so the location of Bristol Business School was ideal for me.

“UWE Bristol has a great reputation for their fresh, innovative approach to teaching.”

My experience of studying HRM at UWE Bristol

My HRM course is fast paced, enabling me to improve my theoretical knowledge in a short period of time. Each module is dedicated to a core area of HRM and is practice-focused, ensuring I’m confident when applying my new skills in the workplace.

Throughout my postgraduate studies, I’ve received a great level of support from my lecturers. I’ve felt I can ask them any questions and discuss my ideas for assignments with them. I’ve also received support from an Assistant Support Lecturer when I’ve struggled with structuring my assignments or critically evaluating a piece of research.

“There’s been so much help on offer to me during my studies at UWE Bristol.”

How UWE Bristol is supporting my career aspirations

After I graduate from my master’s, I want to pursue a career as an HR professional. To help my career development, I’ll complete a placement as part of my course, which will give me hands-on experience working in an HR environment within an organisation.

My course has also supported me with building my professional network, creating my personal brand and helping me to search for postgraduate jobs. These experiences are helping me to improve my career prospects in HRM.

Final thoughts

I’m thrilled I’ve been offered a job role in HR, which starts in October after I hand in my dissertation. I was able to target this employer in my assignments at UWE Bristol, which I’m confident helped me to successfully land a role working for them.

My new employers have seen how the practical aspects of my course relate to their organisation, and therefore the value I could bring to their workplace. I’ve enjoyed my HRM master’s at UWE Bristol and I’m excited for my future career when I start my new HR role.

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