Without question you must do an internship!

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Callum Jones: BSC (Hons) Geography, Title: Assistant to Creative Director, Employer: On The Fly

Describe how you felt on your first day in your internship

I felt nervous on my first day, but a good nervous, where I was excited to dive into this new intersectional world of art, culture and sustainability. Starting something new, where there is a big change in the people, places and work you will be doing, is always nerve racking for me. But I instantly met some great people and was mentored amazingly, feeling so welcome and at home on the first day.

What key skills have you learnt through your internship and how do they link to your course/ career goals?

My internship exposed me to project management on a large scale. I was thrown in the deep end to shadow and help manage a huge project with many different artists, directors and stakeholders. I was essentially training to become a creative director, like my mentor, which to me is invaluable and put my communication, time management, ‘disaster’ response, networking, creative and other soft skills to the test. My career goals aren’t set but being my own boss and working as a leader is a huge part of my future. This internship has set me up with a newly confounded and prolific sense of confidence and resilience, so I am ready to take on the world!

Would you recommend other UWE Bristol students take up an internship and why?

I did both a sandwich year placement/internship with Bristol water and then a summer internship with a creative director for arts and culture in the same year. Without my time at Bristol water, I wouldn’t have networked my way into my arts internship (which is right up my street, but I didn’t even know it existed!). I quickly realised that although experience is great, it is more about the expansion of your network and how well this can set you up for the future. Being proactive and pushing for ANY internship, even if you think it may not be for you, will set you up with new skills, contacts, and confidence. It is so worth the work. It is as much about finding what you don’t want to do and the type of people you don’t want to work with, as it is about discovering those aspects of work you desire to pursue

Without question you must do an internship! Any internship, even if you think it may not be for you, will set you up with new skills, a wider network of contacts, and great confidence

Callum Jones: BSC (Hons) Geography

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