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Zainab, BA (Hons) Media Production, tells us about the benefits of volunteering with Book Explorers and interviews a UWE student who volunteered on the project.

Book Explorers are UWE volunteers who support school children with their reading.

Love to read?

When you see the word “Book”, what pops into your mind? I personally love reading and whenever I hear anyone mention books, I just join their conversation whether I know them personally or not. Books have a special way to connect people and make them enter their own world, their own reality. Now let’s say you love kids. I mean who doesn’t love them right? They’re cute, adorable, sometimes unbearable, but that’s beside the point. Imagine their small hands trying to hold a pencil and how adorable they would look.

If you love volunteering, children, or books then I recommend that you continue to read this article till the end. If you have no interest in either but you’re a UWE student, then I would recommend you continue this article too!

Future Quest and UWE Volunteering

UWE Volunteering partnered with Future Quest to create a new volunteering project called Book Explorers. Future Quest helps children from local schools to keep their options about university open, sometimes with help from UWE students!

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering. A chance to improve your CV? Something you could do to engage more with people and learn new things? Or just something you would like to take part in because, why not?

There are many volunteering groups you can join whether they are related to your degree or not. Take up volunteering for fun! If you are a person who is interested in meeting more people and expanding their social circle, then volunteering is a great way to meet new people from different cultural backgrounds.

Interview with a UWE Book Explorer

I spoke with Femi, a MSC Business Management student to learn about her experience of volunteering with Book Explorers. A mother and UWE student, Femi became a Book Explorer in March 2022. Let us learn about her journey and how she helped broaden and shape the minds of young students.

How was your experience volunteering with Future Quest and Book Explorers?

“I had a good experience. They trained me really well on how to help the children. First week was hard but the staff helped me and it got better in 2-3 weeks. My main aim was that children should be enjoying what they’re doing and I was happy to see that I reached my aim.”

Were your expectations met?

“Yes, I didn’t think they would be paying for my bus fair as it was volunteering, but they paid them and made sure that my volunteering time was more adaptive and comfortable for me as I had to take care of my daughter too.”

Would you recommend Book Explorers to UWE Students?

“Yes definitely, volunteering helps you to gain experience, but it also has to be something you like to do and has your interest. Book Explorers is great if you like to play and have fun with children.”

Femi volunteering on the Book Explorers Project.

How can I volunteer?

If you think volunteering isn’t for you, let the UWE volunteering team change that! There are plenty of opportunities available and I am sure you won’t be disappointed once you see what’s out there.

If you are interested in volunteering with Book Explorers, you can complete an Expression of Interest form. Alternatively you can search for lots of different volunteering roles on Info Hub.

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