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written by Jennifer Ukachukwu Amarachi

Going into university it was made very clear early on that internships were very important for students.  I decided to join multiple programmes online and in person because of this.  I had focused mainly on specific career areas such as Law and HR prior entering university, however I wanted to try something new and develop the skills had not been used in quite a while.

Fortunately, I was offered an internship here at UWE Bristol with the Student Ventures team through the 10,000 Black Interns Programme.  I had joined the team at quite a busy moment in the year for the Student Ventures, with scholarships, events and preparation for freshers going on at the time.

I really enjoyed this internship, I learned so much, was able to create things that I wasn’t able to do in other internships and hopefully I have left my own positive mark on Student ventures.

I had quite a lot of work to do in the team ranging from helping hold workshops to admin work to creating content; but I enjoyed every bit of it. My favourite tasks surprisingly were creating content for the twitter page and helping hold workshops. I got to talk and connect with a lot of the scholars under Student ventures because of it and learn much about why the student scholars joined student ventures and what projects they were working on.  You can look at some of the content I made on @UWEVentures on twitter and @uwestudentventures on Instagram.

Alongside the work at Student Ventures the interns and I also took part in an external project, which focused on event creation and inclusivity. Even though we were only able to meet a few times it was a great chance to work with the other interns working under different branches at UWE Bristol and learn from one another.

Working at student ventures allowed me to hone my creative skills and get experience in marketing and careers. I was fortunate to have a great team (shout out to Meg, Gabi, Lewis & Callum) who integrated me smoothly into the team and allowed me to get insight into what they did at Student Ventures alongside offering me a coffee each morning; I think they were determined to make me a coffee lover.

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