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In this article, we are showcasing our blog team. Run by Dr. Emmanuel Adukwu (Editor) and Jessica Griffith (Associate Editor), we formally introduce the members of the DAS Employability blog team. You may have seen or read articles from some of our writers previously, this time, you get to find out more about the writers. Be inspired! We all are inspired by each other and we hope you are too!

Our Writers

Joseph Myatt

Biomedical Science Undergraduate at UWE; Founder and Entrepreneur at WRENT

Hi readers of the DAS Blog, in what has been a rather interesting past two years, it has never been more important to focus on the future. I believe it is our responsibility to push our collective and individual envelopes of knowledge. Therefore, I foresee my future scribblings focusing on self-development in relation to employability within the sciences.

I am first and foremost a biological sciences student, however, my entrepreneurial journey actively exposes me to experiences I believe are worth sharing on this platform; lessons from business are highly relevant to the sciences. I hope you all continue to tune in to this Blog and find the content stirs your own interests, curiosities and provides meaningful advice that resonates with you.

Piotr Sordyl

International student on Foundation Year Biological Sciences at UWE Bristol

Hello, my name is Piotr (I can assure you it is not as difficult to pronounce as it may seem) and I am a mature, international student on Foundation Year Biological Sciences course. I am originally from Poland, however, Bristol has been my home for over 7 years now (which sometimes makes me stagger when asked where I am from).

I take great pleasure in weaving tales, and so I have been writing and working on ideas for novels. I am interested in neuroscience, zoology, astrobiology, planetary science, to name a few and I intend to use the knowledge gained through my studies to write books, popularizing it to a wider audience.

I run roleplay games sessions for my friends, collaboratively telling stories that become alive in our shared imagination. I am also an aspiring violinist, learning how to take my first steps.

Sophie Harris

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science degree, Creator and President of the Wildlife & Environment Society at UWE Bristol

Sophie is in her third and final year at the University of the West of England studying Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science. She is the creator of Peculiar Pangolins, a blog dedicated to all things pangolins related as well as running a wildlife dedicate Instagram page.

Whilst on a six-month internship monitoring wildlife on a game reserve in South Africa, she fell in love with the world’s most trafficked mammal, the pangolin. After being fortunate enough to see one in the wild, she decided to apply to university, to help these illusive creatures. She was also the creator and President of the Wildlife & Environment Society in her my first and second years.

In Sophie’s spare time she can be found in nature reserves, mostly looking for birds to add to her list, or climbing, either indoors or out, depending on the weather.

Isabela Rodrgiuez

Biomedical Science at UWE Bristol; Online nutrition coach at Happyhealthyizzy

Hi, my name is Isabela (Izzy) and I am currently in my 3rd year at UWE Bristol studying Biomedical Science. I intend to study post-graduate medicine after my degree to eventually become a doctor. Because of this, I have been going through the application process and I think it would be great to share this experience to any wannabe med-students.

Last year, I set up an online nutrition coaching business which has become very rewarding; I also love the perks of being self-employed as it fits around university life very easily. I would like to share my story of setting up a business during the pandemic and try to inspire others to do so as a result. I’m a big believer in being ambitious and that you can do anything you put your mind to. In my free time, I enjoy triathlon training and I’m part of the UWE athletics and cross-country club, and the cycling club which I find is a great stress reliever.

The DAS Editorial Team

Jessica Griffith

Health Protection Practitioner at Public Health England South West; Associate Editor for the DAS Employability Blog at UWE Bristol

Hi all! As Associate Editor for this blog platform, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing and editing blog articles for this platform alongside Dr Emmanuel and other writers for over a year now. I am a recent master’s graduate of MSc Public Health and work as a Health Protection Practitioner for Public Health England and as an Associate Editor for the DAS Employability Blog.

I have been involved in many extra-curricular activities during my years at university including Africa Week, Fashion and Health Conference, radio guest appearances and my very own event which I co-organized and co-hosted: ‘My Fro and Me’, a Black History Month Event with the Student’s Union at UWE.
Over the years, I have developed various skills from having undertaken leadership (co-organizer, panel chair and PAL leader) and voluntary (student ambassador, panellist, mentorship) roles. My interests are in health improvement and the arts.

I hope you enjoy reading our articles and are inspired by what you see!

Emmanuel Adukwu

Interim Deputy Head of Department; Trustee (SFAM); Co-Founder, Blogger & Editor, Aspiring Professionals Hub (APH)

Starting a blog platform is not the most difficult part. Creating ideas, producing content and maintaining the platform is where the challenge is. As the Editor of the Applied Sciences Employability Blog, I am incredibly proud to see the development of the blog and the new path we are taking with a new team of fantastic student writers and of course our Associate Editor, Jessica Griffith.

This blog showcases some of the amazing work staff within the Department of Applied Sciences are undertaking to enable career successes for our students. Our programme and module teams supported by the employability coordinator and programme champions are constantly looking at innovative ways to prepare students for life beyond the degree. Our colleagues in the careers service are constantly creating opportunities that get our students noticed and hired.

I am also the co-creator of a widely read blog platform Aspiring Professionals Hub (APH) with readership in >180 countries. We have been active for many years and have writers from across the globe and we are on different social media platforms. In my day time, I am an academic and researcher in the department (DAS) where I lead my own research group addressing important scientific questions around antimicrobial resistance, novel antimicrobial compounds and preventing infections caused by pathogenic and infectious microorganisms. When I get some down time, I enjoy reading all sorts and I transcend into a creative writing space where I produce writing that gives me life.

Written by Dr. Emmanuel Adukwu, Jessica Griffith, Joseph Myatt, Piotr Sordyl, Sophie Harris and Isabela Rodrgiuez

Edited by Jessica Griffith and Dr. Emmanuel Adukwu

Note from the editors: The DAS Employability blog is an inclusive platform. We welcome articles and contributions from everyone who has a story to tell and a question they would like to be answered.

All we need you to do, is engage with us, send us articles and help us grow this platform. We look forward to enabling the development of our students, staff, alumni and a much wider community of readers. Do get in touch via email – Also connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter

Thank you for reading!!

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