Uncapped resits: the back-up plan you want to avoid

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You may be aware UWE has an ‘uncapped resits’ policy – amazing, right? This means if you are unwell, injured, or something else comes up on the day of your assessment and you are unable to complete it, all is not lost – you’ll have another opportunity.

This is one of many ways UWE supports you in thriving academically while balancing your physical and mental wellbeing.

You must keep in mind, however, that ‘another opportunity’ does not mean the same opportunity. You can find UWE’s full academic regulations online, but in short, resitting an assessment means:

  • You will need to repeat the assessment at a later date – when your friends may have all finished and are enjoying their summer
  • If you end up resitting more than one assessment around the same time, your workload will stack up and may be more demanding than it was before
  • Even if you don’t submit work at the first assessment – your non-submission still counts as an attempt
  • If you don’t pass your resit, you may not progress to the next year
  • If you are in your final year, you may not graduate as planned
  • If this means extending your studies, you will need to pay for another year of tuition
  • If you are an international student, this may have serious implications on your visa or sponsorship
  • If there are any updates to the content of the module, you would need to study any new material

It’s reassuring to know the possibility of resitting is there, but consider it your academic safety net – not a way to procrastinate. ‘Buying time’ will only cost you more later.

If you are in need of support, academic or otherwise, there is a range of different options available to you. Contact a Student Support Adviser, speak to your Academic Personal Tutor or explore our wider Wellbeing Support options.

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