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We’re the Student Communications Team 😊

Our job is to make sure you have all the information you need to feel confident, well-supported and ready to smash your studies.

And how do we do this?

Well, first we send you your weekly 10 things you need to know newsletter full of the stuff you need to know that week from important study information to activities or events to get involved in. You can expect to find the newsletter waiting in your UWE Bristol email inbox each Monday so keep your eyes peeled and as an all-round great piece of advice we recommend you check your inbox regularly!

We’ve also been sending a series of weekly emails to new students with advice and tips for starting well and making the most of all that UWE and Bristol has to offer. These aren’t just for new students though, so if you’ve been with us for a while take a look on our preparing and arrival page (just scroll down to the Welcome emails section)

Heard of the UWE Bristol app? We look after that too! So, make sure you download the app and take a look at our messages once in a while as this is where we’ll update you with important events or information.

And you know when you log in to a UWE computer and that little box pops up? Well that’s us too! We also update the UWE Bristol Student page with resources, events and just about anything you need to know about student life at UWE.

You might also spot some examples of our more topical projects around campus, including posters, leaflets or installations.

Finally, what do we do here?

We’ll post weekly blogs on a variety of topics from how to stay happy and healthy, to what’s happening during Green Fortnight or Black History Month. We also have guest writers like Equity, Feel Good and even students.

So bookmark this page or keep checking back for new posts 😊

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