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by the Equity Team

We’ve got lots of opportunities and activities to get involved in over the next few months – read on to make sure you don’t miss out!

The Ashfords Equity essay competition is now open!

The competition is a positive action activity open to all Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students across campuses. You are tasked with writing an essay, answering the question that corresponds with your level of study during the 2021/22 academic year. If successful you could win one of eight cash prizes.

Contribute to the second issue of The Zine

The Zine is a platform for students to share their experiences and thoughts related to the topics of decolonisation and diversity. You can download and read the first issue from the decolonising the library webpage.

The first issue has been well received by students and staff, leading to discussions and actions. So, this is your opportunity to share your stories and experiences, and help us to develop an anti-racist, more inclusive and more diverse culture at UWE Bristol!

The final deadline for contributions is Friday 10 June 2022. For more info on how to contribute, visit the call for contributions webpage.

Black men talk health workshop

Join the free, online workshop for Black, African and Asian men on Thursday 28 April from 12:00-13:30. The workshop will explore emotional wellbeing and distress and will include a key note speech from Mayor Marvin Rees. Register here.

Calling final year students

If you’re working on your final year project with a core focus that sits within one or more of these disciplines: Innovation, Usability, Product Design, Mechanical Engineering or Electronics and Software, then the Ethnic Diversity Excellence Programme might be for you.

The programme offers an invaluable opportunity for three students from minority Ethnic and Heritage communities to take part in a funded 8 week internship at Kinneir Dufort. If you want to know more or if you have questions, join the webinar on Wednesday 20 April from 16:00 – 17:00.

Have you been offered a sandwich year placement?

Congratulations! Placement years give you invaluable industry experience and we’re so excited for you to embark on this journey.

So what next? To prevent any complications with registering for a sandwich year and to ensure the opportunity is the safest and most suitable option for you, complete the placement approval form as soon as possible. Find out what you need to do before and during you placement on the placement web pages.

You can also attend one of our virtual pre-departure briefings to receive full support and guidance on your first week, making a good first impression, managing your money and more. Our next one is on Wednesday 27 April at 14:00 but we also have sessions in May, June and July if you’d rather attend after the assessment period. Take a look at all our placement events here.

Employability opportunities

Health and Applied Sciences Widening Participation intern

If you are passionate about Race Equality and making a real impact, this role might be for you! The role offers interns the opportunity to gain experience and contribute to the provision of support to students who identify as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic in the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences. Find out more >

UWE Summer internship scheme

The 2022 Undergraduate Internship Scheme is a chance to find and participate in an eight-week internship over the summer to gain valuable work experience in a range of employment sectors. Find out more >

Police Constable recruitment

Wiltshire Police will be launching their Police Constable recruitment on 25 April. If you’re interested register here.

Other events of interest

Cables & Cameras presents: Framing Female Films

This is a screening and celebration of female producers and directors from Bristol and the surrounding regions.

We’ll explore stories from the commonwealth, to the Windrush generation,
unpacking and discussing intersectionality and identity, to the experiences of non-binary persons of colour in the UK.

The screening will take place at 19:30 on Friday 22 April at The Cube Cinema. Book your tickets here.

Celebrating Culture Conference

Save the date! In collaboration with The Students’ Union we’ll be hosting the Celebrating Culture Conference taking place on Friday 6 May. Details to follow!

Feel free to share our post with your friends to help grow our Equity network. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We’re here to support you and if you have any questions or ideas for Equity please feel free to contact us at equity@uwe.ac.uk.

Why I applied to be a PAL leader

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by Max, BA(Hons) Philosophy and PAL leader

Becoming a PAL Leader is about more than the added income, ability to undertake the ILM L3 in Effective Mentoring, or having some experience on your CV. It’s about having fun and making an impact with students who are going through the same thing you have just been through!

In this post I want to talk a bit more about the other sides of being a PAL Leader, that might not seem so obvious.

What do I do as a PAL leader?

What I really love about being a PAL Leader is how flexible the work is. At the end of the day, you’re there to help the students and facilitate their success at UWE.

This means that you help on a range of topics, from managing money, preparing for second year, or thinking about careers, on top of all the usual course-related content, like essay planning or even discussing particular books/topics as a group.

I have a handful of semi-planned sessions for some of the above key topics, but otherwise I will find out what my students want the following week and come prepared with a handful of resources – and maybe a toned back presentation (always using a Mentimeter where possible!) This means that outside of the timetabled session, there really isn’t much preparation required, as the training helps you deliver quality content and the rest of it comes from your experiences.
I haven’t had any other job quite like it. The flexibility truly makes it interesting, every single week.

Why did I apply?

  • For the chance to help students through things I struggled with. Ensuring that the next cohort get to enjoy all the tips and tricks that I picked up, through trial and error.
  • To make a positive impact and legacy on my course, ensuring the year below are going to enjoy the course just as much as I have – that’s where it’s really about applying your personal experience and sharing what you’ve learned with them.
  • To develop myself as a well-rounded individual. It’s rare that you get the opportunity to develop mentoring skills so early in your career, so this was a great introduction to that.

My favourite moments

During the uncertainty of the the last couple of years, it meant a lot to my students that I could facilitate a safe space for them to share and speak up, where they wouldn’t feel confident doing so in the larger lecturers/seminars.
There are both direct and indirect moments that you can help and an indirect one for me was getting their feedback about a particular extra-curricular session they had last term. I was able to take this and work with the lecturers to facilitate these sessions again this term. The students were very grateful that I went out of my way and helped arrange something that they wouldn’t have done themselves.

What have I learnt?

I’ve learned many great soft and hard skills as a PAL leader, while at the same time working and developing some skills I already picked up from previous jobs.

Organisation and the ability to be agile

The role taught me to plan a session in a matter of days and then successfully time manage within that session. It was also key to understand the balance of having enough material to fill an hour, but also not have too much that we can’t go off plan and discuss something completely different that the students want.
It’s also about not being phased if no one contributes, or if you don’t make it past the first planned exercise. As long as you can provide value to the students, then you have succeeded in that session.

Professionalism and responsibility

You’re a lifeline to students, who really value getting your insight. It’s not just about having a chat with them for an hour but delivering meaningful content that has a positive impact. And where necessary, signposting or flagging important issues to the relevant staff.

How to mentor, engage and lead classes

This is brilliant experience if you’re interested in a career in teaching but also great to show varied experience on your CV. I was able to work on my training skills from a previous job but now I can also show how I adapted them to a different setting and audience.

Thank you for taking some time to read my post, for more information on the PAL leader role check out the Be a PAL Leader web page and have a think if this is a role you can make your own and leave a lasting positive impact on fellow students.

You might not realise just how much you’ll enjoy!

The 2022/23 PAL Leader application window is now open until 1st May 2022.

Equity blog post

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by Equity

Happy new year and welcome back – we hope you’re settling back in!

We’re starting the year with our very first Equity blog post to keep you updated on upcoming Equity activities and events.

Have a read and share it with your friends to help grow our Equity network. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

What is Equity?

Equity was designed to help Black, Asian, and minority ethnic students enhance their personal and professional skills. By participating in Equity, students have the opportunity to develop the confidence and abilities they’ll need to succeed at university and in their chosen profession.

Equity also allows students to experience a safe space and sense of belonging by conversing with fellow students on lived experiences, whether being on the same course or around race and racism.

We also share specific opportunities for Black, Asian, and minority ethnic students, including mentoring and coaching sessions and work-based learning activities such as internships and placements.

During my first year in university, I was a part of the Equity programme which helped me develop a sense of belonging.


Upcoming Equity events

Wednesday 16 February – ‘Networking to succeed’: webinar and watch party with Bobbi O’Gilvie

This will be a guided discussion and watch party of the original networking workshop from March 2021, with added insights and a live Q&A with Bobbi. Bobbi is a coach from Ready to Blog and Director of Startup Grind Bristol, a global community of over 600 cities helping business people to connect.

Bobbi’s work is focused on building people’s confidence in reaching their goals, especially around networking, an area which Bobbi is always working to improve on.

The aim of the webinar is to give students the courage to look for people to connect with by signing up for zoom rooms and networking events and then put into practice some of the networking tips and tools discussed in the session.

To find out more about the webinar watch this short promo from Bobbi. And if you’re interested in attending, sign up by filling out our short registration form.

Please note this webinar is only for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students to provide a safe space for discussion.

Missed previous Equity webinars?

You can catch up with past webinars on our Equity webpage. Past themes include looking after your wellbeing, led by speaker Vanessa Maria and self-realisation and success led by poet and award-winning journalist Sayo.

Coming soon

Soon we’ll be sharing information about Equity student committee social events on our social media platforms and towards the end of the year we’ll share details on our Celebrating Culture Conference in collaboration with the Students’ Union.

The skills I developed during my time with the Equity programme are strong leadership, excellent verbal and written communication and teamwork skills.

Bassmala Elbushary

You might also be interested in…

Strive internship programme 2022

Strive is an exciting paid summer internship programme providing the opportunity to get ahead and work with market leading businesses.

Employers include, Avon and Somerset Police, Bristol City Council, Encounters Festivals, Hargreaves Lansdown, Intellect Books, True to Nature, West of England Sport Trust, UWE Bristol and many more.

To apply you must be:

  • UK domicile Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic student.
  • Be living or studying in the region, or have graduated from University within the last 12 months.
  • Be available to work full-time from June 2022 for a minimum of four weeks.

To apply just send in your CV and cover letter to striveinterns@hl.co.uk by Monday 31st January. Successful candidates will be invited to share their internship preferences in terms of sectors, roles and/or organisations.

Feel Good February

The Feel Good February team are looking for a 30- 60 second recordings of ‘what feel good means to you’. You can include any feel good theme (relax, try something new, get active or eat well) or if you’d like to share your general/personal approach to health and wellbeing that’s good too!

Just send your video to Stephanie.Todd@uwe.ac.uk by Monday 7 February.

We’re here to support you and if you have any questions or ideas for Equity please feel free to contact us at equity@uwe.ac.uk.

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