Asymptomatic testing

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On behalf of the UK government, we’ll be offering free asymptomatic tests for UWE Bristol students who need to be on campus.

How do you work out when you need to book tests?

If you’ve already moved back into accommodation, have your tests as soon as possible after arriving. If you’re moving back into accommodation because you need to be on campus for teaching, have your tests as soon as possible after arriving and limit social contact between tests.

Use the links below to book your test. Book each test separately.

Frenchay Campus, Centre for Sport

Book your test at Frenchay campus >

Living in the city centre?

In partnership with University of Bristol, we’re offering a limited number of tests at University of Bristol’s Students’ Union (Anson Rooms).

Book your test at the Anston rooms >

You can also check with your local authority, who may be offering lateral flow tests for residents.

What to expect

You can find out what to expect on the day of the test on our Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing for students webpage.

What happens when I contact the Covid Support Team?

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by the Covid Support Team

We’re keen to speak to all students who are self-isolating so that we can understand how best to support you – you don’t have to have symptoms to get in touch.

You can get in touch with us by phone on 0117 32 87000 from 09:00 to 19:00 everyday, or you can report your symptoms online and a member of the team will contact you.

What happens if I phone up?

When you first speak to us, we’ll ask you for a few details about yourself including your programme of study, if you have symptoms and if you’ve recently had a test – if you haven’t, we’ll help you book one.

Following this, we’ll ask how we can best support you through your self-isolation and what we can do to help you. This could be supporting you to get access to food and medication, arranging for academic support if you’re worried about falling behind on your studies or signing you up to a wellbeing check-in call to make sure you’re coping.

We’ll need a few more details to ensure an appropriate responses, including:

• how well social distancing has been observed.
• where you have been on campus prior to the onset of symptoms.
• whether there is a clear connection to a confirmed case.
• whether there is an obvious location where social distancing was inadequate and could represent the source of the infection.
• where you live, and whether you are on placement.

This is to help manage the spread within the University setting, and will help us identify clusters of cases, as well as allowing us to ensure that areas can be deep cleaned.

What happens next?

The University will engage with Public Health England and the relevant local authority to identify any specific actions necessary.

If asked, we’ll share contact tracing information with NHS Test and Trace. This normally happens when an individual identifies a potential lapse in 2m social distancing within teaching and communal spaces and NHS Test and Trace need to notify others.

What if I said I need support?

When you first speak to us, you’re helping us manage coronavirus on campus, but you’re also registering your interest in receiving some support. We’ll discuss your individual needs and help you access the support you need.

Accessing food and supplies

Food delivery slots are still available from local supermarkets.

If you live on campus, please make sure you email the confirmation of your booked slot to so we know when to expect your delivery.

Let us know if you are struggling to get a delivery slot and we’ll help you get the supplies you need.

Support calls

If you requested a wellbeing check-in, you’ll get a call from us on Mondays and Thursdays to check that you are managing and have everything you need.

These calls are from a ‘withheld’ or ‘no caller ID’ numbers – so make sure you answer!

Academic support

Your programme should be available to engage with online but if it’s not, please let your module leader know.

If you need study support or you’re having trouble accessing your teaching, let us know. You can also contact an Information Point.

Report your symptoms so that we can support you

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You will not be penalised. We need to keep you and the community safe, so report your symptoms, self-isolate, and we’ll support you.

We have a Covid Support Team especially for this unique period in time. You must contact them:

• if you have Coronavirus symptoms
• if you have received a positive test result

How do I report symptoms?

If you develop Coronavirus symptoms, self-isolate in your accommodation and ring 0117 32 87000. The phone line is open from 09:00 to 19:00 every day.

You can also report symptoms online using Infohub (login required). If you report your symptoms online a member of the team will call you back.

What we’ll do

We’ll take some details, explain how to book a free test with the NHS (if you haven’t already) and what your next steps are.

We can help you access your learning resources online and make sure you have all the support you need. We’ll also check back in with you throughout your self-isolation to make sure you’re ok and to see if there’s anything you need from us.

This goes for all students, wherever you’re living. For information visit our University life in self-isolation page.