Meet your Placement Student Team

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by Careers and Enterprise

As the name suggests, we’re placement students – which just means that we are working at UWE for a year developing our employability skills whilst learning about the industry.

There’s four of us who make up the team and we all come from different academic backgrounds including English Language and Linguistics, Business Management with Marketing, History, and Information Technology Management for Business. We all started in September and will be here until the end of June 2023.

You might recognise us as one of our main jobs is to run the front desk of Ezone (2D11) and the library, helping other students book their career appointments and answering any questions they have.

We also specialise in specific areas of the Library, Careers and Inclusivity service, which includes the employer engagement team, careers and enterprise, and the library.

Our other main jobs are to run social media channels, help support employer events and more. Some recent projects include a survey of student expectations of our service and helping students to engage with an employer event.

We help students to navigate the careers service, from promoting careers events to booking appointments. We’re currently working on a social media campaign to raise awareness of our online resources on the career toolkit to make sure you know where to go for the best careers support and advice.

If you want to come say hello or if you have any questions about careers, you can normally find at least one of us on the front desk of Ezone and the library and we’re happy to help!

And of course, you can find us online through the UWE Careers Instagram and Twitter and Library Instagram account.

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