Students take part in major incident training

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A commercial airliner disaster was the scenario for a major incident training exercise for students at Glenside campus last week!

In one of the most ambitious simulation exercises hosted by the University to date, a section of a Boeing 737 aircraft was transported onto campus and a crash site wreckage was staged.

Over three days, 505 individuals took part in the exercise, including paramedic, nursing and physician students who worked alongside external emergency services professionals to respond to the incident, with actors and drama students playing the role of injured passengers.

Forensic science students also took part in the final aspect of the simulation on Friday, collecting evidence from the scene for an investigation into the incident.

Some students who participated in the training exercise will be called to give evidence in a simulated public enquiry into the disaster on Wednesday 30 June at the Law School on Frenchay campus.

The action was also captured by filmmaking students and BBC Points West who covered the simulation exercise on their evening programme on 23 June.

Keep your money safe from fraudsters

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by Avon and Somerset Police

We want to make you aware of a scam currently circulating on WeChat targeting international students.

What’s the scam?

After a recommendation from a friend, victims are joining a WeChat group where a fraudster is claiming to be selling low-price flight tickets to China.

How is the crime committed?

Victims are sending money for these flight tickets and being told they are able to get a refund at any time before the tickets are issued. Nearer the time of the flight, victims aren’t being issued their tickets and when trying to get a refund, the suspect becomes uncontactable.

How to avoid it happening to you

Do not respond to unsolicited messages on social media or chat platforms. Fraudsters will often offer fares that are a lot lower than their competitors which can be a warning sign. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Only book flights through recognised firms. Here’s some advice on how to spot a reputable one:

  • Look for whether the agent is an IATA license holder. The majority are, and if so, they are required to issue tickets immediately on full payment.
  • A few agents do buy in legitimate tickets from other companies which will have an ATOL license – ask for a confirmation invoice from the ATOL holder supplying the ticket.
  • In both cases, full details of the flights and itinerary should be shown along with a six digit number (the PNR – Passenger Name Record) – which is the unique id for your flight reservations – check this to make sure your ticket is genuine.
  • Preferably pay by credit card and avoid paying directly into a private individual’s bank account.

If you are the victim of fraud you can report to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or on their website.

Moving out soon?

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Moving out of your accommodation over the next few weeks? We know that it can be stressful, so we’ve pulled together some top-tips to help you sort, move and recycle your stuff!

Before you start

Source some large bags or cardboard boxes – and a Sharpie for labelling. Your local supermarket should be able to give you some boxes if you ask (or just scan the shelves for empties. And have snacks at the ready – consider it fuel!

Make sure you check the bin collection dates: Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

On the day

Crack out a good playlist to keep you motivated and pace yourself. Focus on one room at a time. You’ll see progress quicker that way too!

When clearing out your stuff think:

  • What do I want to keep? Bag it.
  • What do I want to donate or sell? Pass it on.
  • What am I going to recycle? Sort it.
  • What do I need to dispose of? Bin it.

Donating or selling

Want to shift some clothes, books or kitchen stuff you don’t think you want to keep? Give it to your local charity shop or one of the British Heart Foundation donation banks across Bristol – your junk could be someone else’s treasure!

If you want to sell or give items away online try Freecycle, Gumtree, eBay, Depop, Vinted or Facebook Marketplace and local groups.

And don’t forget about The Bristol Big Give. The Bristol Big Give is an annual campaign helping students to get rid of quality unwanted, reusable items while helping to raise vital cash for charity.


It can be tempting to just chuck what you don’t want in the bin, rather than recycle. But every time you choose recycling over rubbish, you’re doing your bit for the planet!

Cardboard, paper, glass, cans/tins and plastic can all be recycled ‘kerbside’ – so drag your boxes up to your front door and chuck in as much as you can (remembering to sort it as per your local council’s instructions and collection dates!)

Non-recyclable waste

Remember, anything that goes in your black bin goes into landfill or incineration, so the less in your black but the better!

But if you do have to get rid of stuff, non-recyclable waste should go back in your black bin only and must fit in the bin itself eg. the lid must close. Fly tipping (dumping of waste) is illegal and can incur a fine of up to £50,000.

That’s a pricey clear out!

More waste than you can handle?

If you have large items to dispose of, or more waste than will fit in your black bin you have two options:

This year thanks to the Students on the move ccccccampaign, you only need to provide your student ID at the Bristol centres. You may be asked for ID to prove that you live in the local area for South Gloucestershire.

Happy sorting!

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