Moving into the community

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Are you moving into the community soon? Well we want to make the transition as easy as possible! We’ve pulled together a list of helpful advice along with top-tips from BA Hons Marketing student Deppy and The Students’ Union.

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself to your neighbours (in person or pop a note in their mailbox) – it’ll make all the difference if you know who’s living next door and it’s important to try and get on with those living around you. Plus, it’ll help when you have you go and collect a missed delivery!

Listen to Deppy’s top-tips for moving into the community.

Respect your neighbours

Try to keep the noise down. You might enjoy a late night, but those around you might not. If you’re walking home at night, remember that the local residents might have children or need to get up early for work – everyone’s entitled to a good night’s sleep!

If there is one, join the neighbourhood WhatsApp group and try to stay active on it. Let your neighbours know if you’re going to have a later night than usual.

Bins and recycling

Make sure you put your bins out at the right time and bring them in so they’re not blocking the pavement. You can check the bin collection dates for Bristol and South Gloucestershire online.

It can be tempting to just chuck what you don’t want in the bin rather than recycle, but every time you choose recycling over rubbish, the planet thanks you!

Keep safe

Make sure your doors and windows are closed and locked when no one is home, and register bikes and valuables so you can track them if stolen.

Get contents insurance – many providers offer student cover, so do your research!

And be aware of who you bring home and who your flatmates bring home – and look out for one and another.

Advice Centre

The Advice Centre offers friendly, non-judgemental and confidential advice – and it’s totally free too! Speak to them for advice on housing, rent, bills and financial queries.

And finally, enjoy being part of your new community and be proud of it! Even just picking up litter that you see on your walk home, saying hello to a neighbour or taking the bins out will go a long way to making your community a place where everyone loves to live.

Are you moving out soon?

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Moving out of your accommodation over the next few weeks? We know that it can be stressful, so we’ve pulled together some top-tips to help you sort, move and recycle your stuff!

Before you start

Source some large bags or cardboard boxes – and a Sharpie for labelling. Your local supermarket should be able to give you some boxes if you ask (or just scan the shelves for empties!).

Make sure you check the bin collection dates for Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

On the day

Pace yourself and take on one room at a time – you’ll see progress quicker that way! Think:

  • What do I want to keep? Bag it.
  • What do I want to donate or sell? Pass it on.
  • What am I going to recycle? Sort it.
  • What do I need to dispose of? Bin it.

And think of the planet! If you want to get rid of things that are reusable, donate them.

Donating or selling

Want to shift some clothes, books or kitchen stuff that you don’t want to keep? Donate to charity!

Want to sell or give away stuff online? Try Freecycle, Gumtree, eBay, Depop, Vinted or Facebook Marketplace and local groups.

And don’t forget about The Bristol Big Give. The Bristol Big Give is an annual campaign helping students to get rid of quality unwanted, reusable items while helping to raise vital cash for charity.


It can be tempting to just chuck what you don’t want in the bin, rather than recycle. But every time you choose recycling over rubbish, the planet thanks you.

Cardboard, paper, glass, cans/tins and plastic can all be recycled ‘kerbside’ – so drag your boxes up to your front door and chuck in as much as you can (remembering to sort it as per your local council’s instructions).

Non-recyclable waste

Anything in a black bin goes to landfill or incineration – so the less in your black bin, the better.

Non-recyclable waste should go in your black bin only and must fit in the bin itself – the lid needs to close.

Fly tipping (dumping of waste) is illegal and can incur a fine of up to £50,000. That’s a pricey clear out!

More waste than you can handle?

If you have large items like wardrobes, sofas and tables to dispose of or more waste than will fit in your black bin you have two options:

  • Take it to one of the local recycling centres – there’s two in Bristol and several in South Gloucestershire.

You may be asked for ID to prove that you live in the local area – make sure that the recycling centre you visit is in the same local council area as the one you’re currently living in.

There may be restrictions in place at the moment so best to check the website for the site you’re planning to visit for updates before you visit to avoid a wasted trip.

UWE Bristol Health and Wellbeing follow up survey

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Well done on completing your first year at UWE Bristol- especially as it’s been such a tough one!

You might remember filling in a ‘Pre-Arrival Health & Wellbeing Survey’ last summer, now we’re checking in to see how things are.

This is entirely anonymous and results will be used to help us set priorities – so let us know what you thought!

Complete the survey >

Thanks for your participation.