Make your career profile and CV stand out

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by the Careers and Enterprise Team

It’s never too early to create or update your CV or online career profile. And with the Meet the Employers Fair just around the corner we thought we would share some of our top tips to making your profile or CV stand out.

Sell don’t tell

Whether you’re creating an online profile, creating a CV or completing a job application, it’s important to describe and evidence your skills. A great way to ensure you’re doing this effectively is to use try the S.T.A.R technique.

Describe a Situation, explain the Task, describe the Action you took and explain the Result.

Style it out

Employers will skim read your CV and pay more attention to the beginning. So when you’re creating your CV make it easy to read with strategically placed sections and headings. This will help employers access the information they need quickly.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at our example CVs for inspiration or try our CV flow chart to find the CV style to suit you.

Bring it to life

Inject some oomph into your CV or profile with action words. A good selection of verbs will make any profile or CV sound more dynamic. It’ll also help keep sentences short and snappy for a more memorable read and better impact

Hit the target

A ‘good’ CV should be targeted! So tailor your CV or profile to your industry and include the relevant skills and knowledge you might need. When applying for jobs, tweak your CV for each role to cover what’s laid out in job advert or description.

Our CV basics video guide tells you how best to do this!

And finally check for success

Check your profile and CV for spelling, grammar and formatting errors. If you’re worried use CV360 for instant, in-depth Artificial Intelligence (AI) feedback and a score that mirrors Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by employers.

For more careers advice, tips and resources, visit our Careers Toolkit and make sure you register for the Meet the Employers Fair!