A New Crime Scene Simulation Space at UWE Frenchay Campus

Paul Bowdler: Technical Team Leader - FACS Crime scene training provision is expanding quickly at UWE. Not only are undergraduate ...
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A Brief History of PGCAPP Training for Technicians in FET

Patrick ThornhillTechnical Manager: Learning Support Team.FET Technical Services We are a team of technical instructors supporting the use and application ...
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3d Printing PPE during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hardeep AdamsSenior Technical Instructor for Psychology in HAS. On the 23rd of March 2020, Boris Johnson announced the first lockdown ...
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Technicians in Research

Paul KendrickSenior Lab Technician in DASMyra ConwayProfessor in Biomedical Sciences Paul Kendrick Interview How did you come to be working ...
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Moving an Electronics Department in a Pandemic

The Elechi Mechi team (that’s Electronics and Mechatronics)Paul MathisonSteve RegesterAlex FanourakisWill HadrillNigel CliffManagers Chris English and Chris HartFaculty of Environment ...
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18 months on – My experience as an early career Learning Technologist

Robyn WeeksLearning Technologist in HAS What a year to become a Learning Technologist. I started back in August 2019, although ...
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Blog of a Film Making Technical Instructor

Neil ShermanLead Technical Instructor, Audio Recording About me As you'd expect, I like films, but my main passion is music ...
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How to get a job as a Learning Technologist

About the author Tom Buckley is Digital Learning Manager in the Education Innovation Team. The local learning technology support team ...
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