By Dr Tim Hinks A number of presenters and discussants were invited to this day-long workshop in order to provide an environment in which in-depth and critical discussions on a number of pressing questions in the fields of bribery, corruption and (More)
By the researchers of the "Earnings gaps and inequality at work" project, Bristol Business School. On 25 May 2018, UWE Economics hosted an expert workshop on ‘Beyond Pay Gaps: Inequality at Work’. Six experts were invited to share their refle (More)
On September 12th and 13th Matthew Hall (Law) and Dr James Hoggett (Criminology) attended a two-day training workshop/research project at Manchester University. The project, ENABLE UK is funded by the N8 Policing Research Collaboration and runs in co (More)
In the past few years the concept of citizenship has been a growing subject of studies in law and politics. The distinction between nationality and citizenship, the rights and duties of nationals and citizens, EU citizenship, etc have attracted consi (More)