by Mercedes, BA(Hons) Drama and Creative Writing Applications: combatting the complications So, we’re assuming you’ve clicked on this blog post because you need a little bit more guidance on how to apply for university, right? Well, that (More)
by Prisilla, MEng(Hons) Aerospace Engineering and Pilot Studies The countdown begins. For some of you that might be when you start A-Levels or when you hear the ominous word ‘university’ or when you press submit on your UCAS application (More)
Student Views wrote: Joining in and making friends
by Ethan, LLB(Hons) Law   I work as a student ambassador at UWE Bristol, and the most frequently asked question from both students and their parents is “did you make friends easily here", and of course the answer is yes. Its hard not to w (More)
Student Views wrote: Living at UWE Bristol
by Lucia, BA(Hons) English Language and Linguistics   Hi my name is Lucia and I am here to tell you all about the accommodation, facilities, and things to do at and around UWE Bristol. I hope this gives you an insight into life at unive (More)
Student Views wrote: How I found my support network
by Desirée, BA(Hons) English Literature Moving away from home to start university is an exciting experience. Everyone is ready to make friends, join societies, meet new flat mates and learn as much as possible, to make the most out of this new (More)