Never before has the important role of science communication been so widely recognised. The COVID-19 pandemic drew attention not only to the importance of communicating scientific and health based information to millions, but also the ways that new (More)
Science Communication Unit wrote: The Importance of Being Interested
Robin Ince is now renowned as “the science guy” of comedy. From The Infinite Monkey Cage on BBC Radio 4, to his huge cabaret-style shows with Professor Brian Cox and a whole host of scientists and comedians performing at venues as big as the Roy (More)
This blog post is part of an exhibit for Engage Conference 2021. “I’m a Scientist, get me out of here” is an online communication activity where school students interact with scientists. Classes of students ask scientists about their work a (More)
As part of our focus on our Research Strength, Sustainability and Climate Change Resilience, we will be sharing spotlights on some of our academics working in that area. Dr Emma Weitkamp, Associate Professor in Science Communication and Co-Direc (More)
Employability in Applied Sciences wrote: Up and Beyond the Labs | From UWE to Space
Piotr has written yet another excellent article to explore another dimension of science; space. Many scientists dream of doing things on Earth, but if you are interested in expanding your scope and exploring your curiosity, have a read of this artic (More)
Science Communication Unit wrote: Writing Science - Student Magazine Work 2021
Students on the Writing Science module in the 20/21 academic year came up with some impressive online science magazines. Their brief was to develop a science magazine from scratch and they were left to develop the concept and choose who the audience (More)
Science Communication Unit wrote: Science on Air and on Screen - Student Videos 2021
Students on the Science on Air and on Screen module in the 20/21 academic year had to contend with social distancing and restrictions on travel as they developed their science TV programme – one of the assessments for the module. They were tasked (More)
This blog post was originally included in Transforming Society published by Bristol University Press and Policy Press, on 12th November 2020, and is reproduced with their kind permission here. Like many publishing projects this one started like a (More)
Employability in Applied Sciences wrote: Finding Opportunities in Times of Crisis
Sophie Harris, a final year Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Student in the Department of Applied Sciences at UWE Bristol attended the British Ecological Society (BES) Undergraduate Summer School this year. Summer school during an ongoing pandemic? (More)
Employability in Applied Sciences wrote: Navigating a Career in Science Communication
Andy Ridgway, a Senior Lecturer and member of the Science Communication Unit at UWE Bristol, delivered the last Monthly Employability Seminar, titled ‘Navigating a Career in Science Communication’ before t (More)