Science Communication Unit wrote: Youth Climate Communications: a pilot
On 24th February, 12 young people, aged 15-24, headed to UWE Bristol’s Prototype and Play Lab, in the School of Engineering, for a training day in Climate Communications. Passionate about addressing the climate and ecological emergency, and eager (More)
Never before has the important role of science communication been so widely recognised. The COVID-19 pandemic drew attention not only to the importance of communicating scientific and health based information to millions, but also the ways that new (More)
Research, Business and Innovation wrote: Seeing people in the data
Original post shared on the Science Communications Unit. By Dr Laura Fogg-Rogers  We’re living through a Climate and Ecological Emergency and we urgently need to reduce carbon emissions. And yet society se (More)
Air quality and traffic congestion are among the main causes of poor urban living and have sparked rising concerns about the negative impact that transport has on people’s health and wellbeing in urban areas. According to the European Environment (More)